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Yoga Burn is a special 12-week program that is designed to help women lose their weight and improve their flexibility.

The program also helps ladies to attain a sexy body that is loved by many without the need of visiting the gymnasium.

Yoga burn program involves a dynamic sequencing yoga which helps the ladies to get the tighter, toned body and flexible muscles.

My Honest Yoga Burn Reviews

It is not a program where the user will get immediate results but rather she would have to wait for 12 weeks before seeing the results.

The Yoga exercises are sequenced for 12 weeks and as the days keep going the exercises keep on advancing to becoming difficult.

The routine yoga exercises help you to keep on improving continuously and burning calories gradually. Therefore, the program calls for patience and consistency.

Furthermore, you do not have to perform the exercises outdoors you can do them at your house. A Yoga burn goes for $ 67 making it affordable as compared to the subscription fees that you would have paid at the gym.

The yoga burn program is split into three phases to ensure the progressive development of its user. Each phase has its special exercises which are meant to help you burn some calories and gain some flexibility.

The first phase is a simple one but as you advance to the other phases, exercise becomes difficult. The three phases will be discussed later in the article.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

The creator of the Yoga Burn program is Zoe Bray-Cotton who is a certified and highly reputable yoga instructor. Besides, she is also a female fitness transformation trainer and a personal trainer too.

Madam Zoe has traveled in various countries across the world teaching people all types and forms of yoga. She has more than a decade in the industry of exercises and fitness and has also taught in some well-known fitness centers and studios internationally.

Zoe Bray-Cotton teaches yoga exercises to her clients both for relaxation purposes and also for healthy weight reduction purposes.

Moreover, she also educates her clients on the importance of proper fitness and how to demonstrate healthy dietary practices in their lives.

Zoe collaborated with some other fitness specialist and together they came up with a Yoga program that combines fitness and relaxation goals.

They decided to come up with the program especially for the female though it can also work for the men. While founding the program, the fitness specialist was trying to come up with a program that targeted the lean muscles and the major muscle groups in the body.

They also aimed to come up with a program that will increase happiness to its users and boost her confidence. With this program, Zoe encourages females of all sizes and ages to become physically active via yoga without the need of visiting the gym or buying expensive exercise equipment.

What will you learn from the program?

The program is well designed by fitness experts so there are many things that you are going to learn concerning physical fitness. Here are some of the things that you will learn from the Yoga Burn program.

  • You will learn how to become fit without the use of any equipment

The program will provide you with yoga exercises that you will perform and help you become physically fit without the need for any equipment such as weights among many others. High-end yoga exercises that will make your muscles flexible

  • You will learn healthy dietary practices

The program is a multifaceted program that also includes nutrition in it. Without considering nutrition, it will not be as effective as it is.

So the program will help you understand what are the healthy dietary practices that you should demonstrate in your life.

  • You will learn to be patient

Patience is an essential virtue in our lives. It will get inculcated in you by the end of the program because the results of yoga burn are not instant. It takes three months of exercising for you to attain the desired goals.

  • You will learn how to boost your metabolism

A proper metabolism process helps in improving the health of a human being. The program will help you to know how to improve your body metabolism simply using yoga exercises.

  • You will learn how to attain body flexibility

Attaining flexibility is one of the things that many ladies admire and would like to have. By the end of the yoga program, you will get to learn how to get your muscles flexible using equipment-free exercises.

What Is Included In Yoga Burn?

The program includes yoga exercises that are practiced in phases as stated earlier. There are three phases of the yoga burn exercises which are as follows:

  • Phase 1: Foundational Flow Phase

This is the initial phase of the program which is all about building a strong foundation of yoga. The main goals of this foundational flow phase are to increase the flexibility of the user and boost her metabolism slowly.

After achieving the two goals, you can now do all the poses of yoga safely because flexibility will help you to reduce the chances of getting injuries.

  • Phase 2: Transitional Flow Phase.

At this phase, things tend to get more intense as you continue to build your flexibility and strength. An additional goal is added at this phase, that of burning down calories in the body.

It is at this phase when you will start to learn new poses and exercises that will change your muscle tone. By the end of the phase, you will start seeing changes in your muscle tone.

  • Phase 3: Mastery Flow Phase.

Yoga exercises at this phase are more intense as compared to those of phase two and one. Using flexibility, boosted metabolism and strength from the previous phases, this phase will push you to make real changes in your body.

You will get to burn more calories by learning advanced sequences that cannot be mastered by many people even when they take generic classes for years.

Yoga Burn Before and After

Apart from the mentioned yoga exercise, you also get some bonuses from the program that will help you achieve an excellent body transformation. Some of the things included in the program include:

Main Yoga program which includes the three phases

  • Tranquillity flow class which will help you get peace of mind and stress relief
  • Immersion community which will help you get other women to be physically fit
  • Yoga Burn Monthly.

The program comes in the form of a book that entails the details and guidelines on how you are going to conduct the yoga exercises.

It also exists in DVD and CD form which shows Madam Zoe guiding you on how to go by the program. If you want to get it online, there is a pdf format of the program too.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Yoga Burn program is not a scam as it works using the dynamic sequencing system. This system works by first preparing the user physically before imposing more intense exercises on her.

At first, the program teaches you how you can perform each movement properly and provides your body with necessary strength and flexibility which will help you with the forthcoming exercises.

Afterward, you are subjected to the real thing which entails strenuous and intense exercises that can burn your fat and calories in the body.

When fat is burnt in the body, you get to change and have a feminine shape that looks and feels better. This is also aided by proper nutritional practices that you will be trained bout in the program.

Yoga burn program works by the approach of burning down calories in the body and other mental factors. Some people are suffering from obesity because of stress and other mental disorders.

Yoga burn program provides them with exercises that will make them get peace of mind and relieved of stress and depression.

This will boost their mental health and at the same time help them lose weight. It is nice programs that can help a lady get the best attributes of a woman.

Yoga Burn Good Points / Pros

Yoga burn program is the best choice for women. Here are the advantages of using the Yoga Burn program.

  • Gives you the perfect female attributes

Every woman likes to have a nice shape and excellent body tones. A yoga bun program is designed to help women achieve the sexiest body shapes of their within some weeks. All they need to do is to adhere to the training and guidelines.

  • It’s natural

Yoga burn program does not include the use of supplements to cut down weight or manage stress. It uses only yoga exercises that are designed to help you get quality and healthy results naturally.

  • It is cheap

You do not have to pay for exercise equipment or subscription fee in a gymnasium for you to do the yoga exercises. All you need to do is to purchase the guide which only costs $67 and you are good to go.

  • Improves your metabolism

When you have a good metabolism, this means that you are protected from many diseases hence you will get to have good health. Yoga burn program helps you get excellent body metabolism.

  • Adjustable yoga sequences

At times you might get some yoga sequences that are easy or difficult for you. The program has been designed in a manner that you can tailor the yoga sequences to fit your capabilities. This is an advantage of the program that is not there in the traditional classes.

  • It provides peace of mind

The relaxation exercises can help you get the tranquillity and prevents you from getting mental conditions like depression. The yoga exercises also are helpful for people with sleeping problems as it gives them a good sleep.

  • Can be performed anywhere

The yoga burn exercise does not need a specific place or location where you can perform them. You can do the exercises in your house or even outside depending on where you are comfortable doing them.

  • Improves immunity of the body

As stated earlier, the program also includes healthy dietary practices which are essential for boosting the health of the females.

Healthy dietary practices will also help in improving the immunity of the trainer and prevent her from diseases and infections.

Does Yoga Burn Work?

Yes, Yoga Burn works effectively though its results are not that fast. Many reviewers across the world have confirmed that the program really works and that the program is total value for your cash.

Just have a look at the author’s body, Zoe Bray-cotton. Her body is an evident confirmation that the program works for real. For the program to work for you, you need to be consistent and truthful to yourself.

Remember this is not a ten minute get fit program. You will have to stick to it for 12 weeks completely and afterward, you will start seeing changes.

A program that has been designed by a group of physical fitness experts and limited to female gender only, means it has fully been researched.

This is one reason why the program is effective because experts have gathered their knowledge and experiences in formulating a program for the women.

There should have thorough research on the physiology and anatomy of the females and how to improve their flexibility and make them attain sexy shapes.


There are various weight loss programs in the world making it difficult to identify the best and that which really works.

The Yoga burn program as explained in the article is a program that is designed by experts and it has been approved by many health professionals to be a working weight loss program.

The program does not only help in promoting body transformation but also helps you in boosting your immunity and managing mental conditions.

It is a real program that you should give it a try and get the excellent female attributes.

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