The Smoothie Diet Reviews

Most people find themselves struggling with self-esteem due to their body weight. The smoothie program is a simple dietary program, easily made at home to help people lose weight and attain their body weight goals without the struggle of having to go to the gym.

This program only goes for 21 days but anyone is allowed to continue even further as long as one desires. The smoothie diet is healthy and keeps one's energy up to a maximum level even when they have to skip one or two meals in a deal.

Who is the author or creator?

The author and creator of the program are Drew Sgoutas. He is a professional health coach and nutritionist who gives expert advice on dietary intake on a daily basis to help boost metabolism and help in weight loss to achieve the desired weight for each individual.

What will you learn from the program?

Many people around the world are struggling with the need to gain a body that they are comfortable in. many people have hit the gym but have not acquired the desired result.

From this program, we learn how to make the ideal smoothie for rapid weight loss, how to increase energy in our body and maximize our body health.

What is included in the program?

The 21-day program is one that many can doubt. Reducing carbohydrate intake in the body reduces energy for the body.

With the program, Drew comes up with a combination of different fruits and healthy dietary intake that ensures your body has increased energy and increased metabolism to burn more fat.

Moreover, the smoothie is a quick step recipe that does not consume time and is easy to go diet. Below is an overview of the program:

Tips for your smoothie.

What to include in your shopping list for weight loss

  • A 3-day diet detox
  • A bonus starter guide
  • 21-day health and fitness program administered by private coaches

All the materials for the 21-day program are digital and can be downloaded to any device for future reference. The module of the program is one that is simple and easy to understand, easy to follow and above all easy to adjust to.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

The smoothie diet program is a 21-day program that is repeatable as often as one likes. In this case, one is given a shopping list for the whole week, and one is supposed to get everything on the list in order to balance the diet.

One is also provided with an everyday smoothie calendar to help you plan your meals. The 21 days do not include the 3-day detox, but includes an option of 1 cheat day every week.

With the smoothie diet one is required to skip one or two meals a day and make adjustments to other meals to make them healthy. This helps especially with losing weight and keeping it off completely.

Every day, the smoothie diet is different and with each passing week, there is no repeat of one recipe. This maintains balanced energy levels to assist in metabolism.

Many people have fallen victims of scam weight loss programs from unqualified self-proclaimed weight-loss experts. However, the 21-day detox program by Drew Sgoutas is not one of them.

Based on the many positive reviews from satisfied clientele and the articulate guides provided, it certainly is not a scam.

Another thing that assures you that the program is not a scam is where Dre assures the user that if the program doesn't work is 21 days, they can get their refund and an additional of 60 days which will help in gauging if the customers is still happy with program after which they can leave happy with their refund.

List of good points/pros

  • The program includes a separate and optional 3-day detox plan – this helps to prepare your body to adjust to the diet.
  • Has extensive smoothie preparation guidelines- this helps by leaving out zero room for errors when making preparations since everything is spelled out.
  • Has a daily planner for the smoothie- a daily planner helps save time when preparing your smoothies. It also gives you a dietary guideline on what to add to the smoothie to keep it balanced.
  • Contains variations for the smoothie recipe- the varying smoothie recipes are to ensure each day you are taking something different and nutritious and at the same time losing weight and keeping it off.
  • Maintains one cheat day per week- this reduces cravings, provides a mental break from dieting and boosts metabolism.
  • The diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables which enhance the immunity of the body, assist in clear skin and improving one health-wise.
  • The smooth is easy and quick to make and thus not time-consuming and thus can be consumed by even the busiest people.

Does The Smoothie Diet work?

For many people, determination and eagerness for results help them achieve results. The 21-day smoothie program is simple and easy to use, but it also ensures that one has to replace at least one or 2 meals every day which is not easy for beginners but with the bonus 3-day detox and a starter guide, one is able to get along pretty well.

According to Drew, one of the reasons why the program is very effective is because of the 3-week custom schedule. In the schedule, all the ingredients and ratios of the ingredients vary from recipe to recipe and from week to week.

This ensures rapid weight loss that is not only for that specified period that one is taking the smoothie but as a long-lasting effect.

In a case where one does not meet the target weight loss in 21 days, the program gives you a guide to continue after that until you have reached your desired weight.

The program also includes private coach sessions, where one gets advice according to their body type and also according to their progress.


The current world has everybody seated, working in the comfort of their office but at the same time, people are stranded with working late and coming home barely before midnight.

People are too busy to even fix 30 minutes of walking around the house let alone heading to the gym in their schedules. The current world is only fit enough for people who can do everything on the go.

Eat while working, drink while working, but all these are unhealthy habits that result in people being overweight and obese within a very short period of time.

People are dying from weight-related diseases which can be easily prevented by taking the right diet measurements at the comfort of their workplace or whenever they are going any time.

The 21-day smoothie program is fit for people from all walks of life. It is virtual, meaning you do not have to carry around a book while shopping.

All you need is an email address to download the guide in your phone memory and you are good to go. A smoothie takes around 5 to 10 minutes to make, thus it is not time-consuming at all.

For all the go-getters heading to the office with barely time to grab a coffee in a local food joint, the smoothie recipe will ensure that you have everything you need in one go, and as you get ready for work, the smoothie will be ready as fast.

I would highly recommend the 3-day detox program before starting the 21-day smoothie program. This will assist your body in adjusting rightly to smoothies from solid food.

Although it is a bit hard for some people to adjust to the smoothie program from solid food, the cheat day is a day to help curb your cravings and as time goes by, you will notice that the body will have adjusted well.

One of the reasons while I highly recommend this program is due to the flexibility. You have your smoothie on the go. Drink it on the bus, while your work (like a glass of water on your desk), and while you drive home.

Nothing limits the intake. The second reason is that it is highly nutritious, keeps your energy levels up and gives you a healthy, natural hydrated look.

The smoothie is a mixture of fruits and vegetables which ensures you have a high intake of vitamin c and other nutrients that help your immunity and keeps your skin glowing.

Finally, everybody wants to lose weight but no one wants to go to the gym. Why not try the 21-day smoothie program.

No sweating, no walking, no tired evenings from the gym. All you need is the right mixture of fruits and veggies and adjustments to your meal and everything else remains the same.

Weight loss is a journey that only the strong and dedicated can achieve. With the many upcoming online weight loss apps and programs, it is good to choose a partner that will advise you on the intake, in terms of diet to replace what you are losing in the body and on your daily living.

This will help you look healthy and not malnutrition in the event where people only feed on unbalanced meals thinking they are on the right diet.


If one has an underlying medical condition, like diabetes, would they be able to do the 21-day program?

the diet consists of fruits and vegetables which are nutritious and highly recommended by the doctors. Some of the nutrition found in the smooth helps in reducing the progression of the disease e.g. Diabetes. One of the greatest thing things about the smoothie diet is that it can also reverse a condition due to the availability of nutrients that strengthen immunity and help in the regeneration of cells that help fight disease in our bodies. However, it is highly recommended that if anyone wants to start the program and they have any underlying medical condition, they should consult a doctor for advice.

Is it possible that I will gain all the weight back after the 21 days?

This program is not a quick fix where you lose weight after 21 days and give up. Once you have begun the program, there is a lot of lifelong changes that are adapted in a period of 21 days. In the beginning there are cravings for sweet-junk food but eventually as the body adjusts to the smoothie dietary program, the cravings disappear and the body becomes accustomed to the intake of healthy foods and the smoothie. This goes on until even after the 21 days. The program also gives one a recipe guide after the 21 days to healthy meals that will ensure the weight is off permanently. So there is no need to worry about the weight coming back.

What happens if one doesn't lose weight in 21 days?

If one does not lose any weight in 21 days and are following the provided dietary schedule, then they are accustomed to a full refund and an extended 60 days in which if you are still unhappy with the results, you still get your refund.

What happens if I don't lose my ideal weight in 21 days?

The 21-day smoothie diet program is not just made for 21 days. Once the 21 days are over and you have not reached your ideal weight, it is easier to continue until you do so. The 21 days guide is like a guide to better healthy living. It includes recipes to continue with after the 21 days and how to make it more fun and still lose weight. Every part of the program is super simple to learn and use after 21 days.

Is everything digital or there is something that I have to wait for through post?

The 21-day guide book is available in pdf format such that you can print it out or save on your gadgets for reference. Once you have paid for the 21-day program, you will also be able to access everything digitally on your phone or computer. You will also be able to access the quick start bonus book which is downloadable and printable.

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