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Seasons have cycle from fall days to spring morning; in addition to that, the day and night tend to cycle between light and dark while the ocean has tides that swell and recede, and the moon swells to full and thins back to crescent.

Since all forms of life have an inherent rhythmic cycle, we as humans are not any different. Where you are aware of it, we tend to operate on the very delicate biorhythm of several cycles from intellectual to physical, spiritual, intuitive, and aesthetic.

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The word bio was derived from a Greek word bios that means life, while rythmos refers to motion or movements that occur regularly.

Therefore, Biorhythm means a holistic mathematical system of the body; these systems can be predicted and studied since they control some aspect of our lives consciously, including creativity, high performance, and emotional receptivity.

The invisibility wave of energy in our body tends to be in constant reflux. These energy levels are said to be unique from one person to the other and are said to commence immediately after birth. In this article, we shall be taking you through The Biorhythm Membership Review.

What is The Biorhythm Membership all about?

The Biorhythm Membership is a program that works accurately and has been designed to visually see where you are currently on this path and ways in which you can realign it.

With this program, you will be able to move forward every day towards the things you would like in or out of your life without stumbling further from them.

This program revolves around the Biorhythm theory that common among the general public in the late 1960s. The theory features three different Biorhythm cycles that are said to influence three aspects of human behavior.

The three cycles are the 23-day cycle, 28-day cycle, and 33-day cycle. Each cycle has a different impact on our body, with the 23-day cycle influences our physical aspect and behavior, while the 28-day cycle influences our emotions. On the other hand, the 33-day cycle influences intellectual function.

Who is the author or the creator?

The Biorhythm Membership is a program created by Jacyntha Crawley

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What will you learn from the program?

The Biorhythm Membership is a comprehensive program with which you will be able to learn several essential aspects of life. While the Biorhythm theory has been present since the ancient cultures, including the ones that practiced natal astrology, the biorhythm theory has been attributed to Wilhelm Fliess; he is a 19th-century physician from Germany and a colleague of Sigmund Freud.

According to Thomas Gale, Fliess’s theory was based on the cycle period, which was 23-days physical change in men and 28-days emotional change in females.

Flies are said to have considered this system as cosmic harmony that was governed by solar cycle and was measured in days as well as years between family, personal, and social events; however, it was also affected by plant and animal kingdom.

On the other hand, the Intellectual cycle was added by Alfred Teltscher, an engineering professor at the University of Innsbruck. He added this third cycle in 1920 after he studied the academic performance of his students.

Nowadays, the modern approach to this theory has expanded the biorhythm cycle for a total of six different clocks, also referred to as the biorhythmic period. In this program, you will be able to learn all the six biorhythmic periods;

  • The physical cycle. This cycle relates to coordination, strength, physical energy, and your overall well-being. Covering 23 days in length, the physical cycle tends to support more awareness of time for maximum exertion and time for rest and recovery.
  • The emotional cycle. When it comes to emotions, the emotional cycle tends to cover a 28-day cycle, and it is centered on awareness, creativity, and your emotional sensitivity. This cycle is highly essential when it comes to managing depression, along with other mood disorders.
  • Intellectual cycle. This cycle is a bit more than one month long; it expands for 33-days providing an individual with critical insight into communication, memory, and analytical functioning. By tracking this cycle, you will be able to help yourself work with deadlines and goal-settings.
  • The intuitive cycle. In this cycle, high points in this cycle can be when you trust one’s gut, while the low point of this cycle is best for you to rely on your intellect or logical capabilities.
  • Spiritual cycle. It is considered as the most extended cycle going for 53 days; in this cycle, you will be able to point times in which the spiritual awareness has been heightened along with the potential for mystical breakthroughs.
  • Aesthetic cycle. This cycle is highly essential for an individual who is an artist or if you appreciate art since it aids in guiding through the creative process, offering an insight into creativity.

What is included in The Biorhythm Membership?

The biorhythm program has been designed to help you as an individual monitor vital life cycles that tend to occur in our bodies. To help you monitor these activities, The Biorhythm Membership program is equipped with Biorhythm charts and calculators.

For the calculator, it includes all six cycle periods, and it is available on their website. This calculator offers a full spectrum with two easy steps method; all that is required of you is to input your date of birth along with the span of biorhythm charting.

Once done, there will be a chart generated for you, and it will show you things to expect in terms of your energy ebbs and flows. It is a vital and fun tool that allows you to design and plan according to critical and vulnerable days consciously.

This allows you to understand how these days impact your productivity levels, socializing, and quiet, among other sensible aspects.

Usually, the curve will correspond with high and low while those above your mid-sectional like becomes optimum or the positive biorhythmic times.

On the other hand, those that fall below will indicate the perfect time to pull back, access specific energy flow, or become more reflective.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

There is no doubt that The Biorhythm Membership program works perfectly; in fact, the biorhythm theory has been used since ancient times, and they were known to work accordingly. Therefore there is no doubt that The Biorhythm Membership is a functional and highly reliable program.

According to today’s psychology, most of our brain and body functions are designed to operate in a cycle of around 90 minutes each. Just like other animals, we humans tend to live in a world that is marked by invariable cycles of day and night.

Therefore, these external facts tend to have a significant counterpart in the body. There has been a discussion recently on the importance of sleep, along with the relationship between sleeping and awakening our patterns.

It is said that when you have a great sleep, you will be able to improve your overall wellness, health as well as functioning just like what we eat, the place we live, and the amount of money we earn.

The Biorhythm Membership synchronizes the external world, and we tend to experience more consistent energy flow instead of severe lows and highs.

Our body tends to operate on circadian rhythms; this includes organs, the cardiovascular system, as well as the metabolic functions.

Furthermore, our body has a different kind of body rhythms as well-referred to as the ultradian rhythms; this tends to be shorter in duration. The well-known of this rhythm is the dream cycle, including the rapid eye movement sleep or REM.

According to The Biorhythm Membership, the more we attune our biorhythmic body clock, the higher the chances of our understanding when more rest is required for both low and high functioning parts of the body cycle.

In addition to the body function, The Biorhythm Membership is an incredible program that can help you find a partner who will be compatible with you.

With the help of biorhythm compatibility, you and your partner will be able to discover and align energy levels that tend to go beyond attraction and going deeper to being on the same wavelength.

Advantages of using The Biorhythm Membership

Some of the benefits associated with this program include;

  • Compared to other programs, The Biorhythm Membership is very affordable.
  • Relatively easy to use; you will receive a daily reading with a press of a button.
  • There is no risk involved; this is because it is equipped with a 365-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is considered as a long term investment. Once you purchase it, you will be able to use the program for the rest of your life.
  • With this program, you will be able to add 4 more individuals to your account. This means that your family and friends can easily access their biorhythm via your account.

Does The Biorhythm Membership work?

Yes, the program works accurately, and it gives daily readings. This sophisticated program features a daily insight that lets you understand critical days and personal advice for the whole month.

Currently, the program is the only accurate and tested program that aids individuals see where they are currently in life visually, and it gives them guidance on ways in which they can achieve their life goals. This allows you to achieve your goals much faster without having to stumble further from it.

Final verdict

There is no doubt that The Biorhythm Membership is worth your while; the best part is that you will not have anything to lose since it is equipped with a 365 days money-back guarantee.

This is pretty much a long time for you to give the program a try, and if it fails, you can always return it before the end of 365 days. You can access the program online for much convenience; this software you will use for three days, and it costs $1.

Within these three days, you will be able to tell if the program will work for you or not. If you fail to observe any result, you can always claim your $1 back after the end of these three days without being asked any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of biorhythm?

Biorhythm is made up of two Greek words Bios which means life and rythmos, which means motion or movement that recur. Basically, biorhythm is trying to predict several aspects of someone’s life with the use of mathematical cycles. The biorhythms theory is said to have claim our daily lives, and it is significantly affected by the rhythmic cycles.

How are biorhythms calculated?

Usually, biorhythms are calculated based on the idea that cycles that are calculated and graphed are often used to predict your life. The idea is basically based on sine waves that are oscillating curves and are calculated in three different formulas; the physical, which is a 23-day cycle, the emotion which is a 28-day cycle, and a 33-day cycle of intellectual.

How does the circadian rhythm affect our behavior?

The circadian rhythm has a significant influence on the sleep-wake cycle, eating habits, hormone release as well as digestion, body temperature, and other vital body functions. A biological clock that moves fast or slow tends to result in a disrupted or an abnormal circadian rhythm.

What are the critical days in biorhythm?

This is the day in which your cycle goes from plus to minus or from minus to plus. It is referred to as a critical day since you are neither down nor up; however, you will be in a limbo state.

How do I change my biorhythm?

Changing your biorhythm is relatively easy; to do this, you can perform a few schedules such as; try and adjust your bedtime; however, you will require patience. In addition to that, you should avoid napping even if you are exhausted; you should not sleep and get up at the same time every day. You should try and avoid light exposure prior to sleeping and avoid eating or exercising before going to bed.

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