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The program is one that is created to help children read and understand things before they can even go to school. The reading head start program is divided into four parts and each part is 15 minutes.

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A parent is required to assist his or her child in reading and pronouncing some of the words in the program. The program seeks to enhance the skills of your child in pronouncing words, phonemic skills by building child association skills through rhyming words, it also helps build the speed of reading and builds the confidence of the child while speaking.

As much as it is a learning program, a parent is required to make it fun through making flashcards or word games to help the child learn better.

Who is the author of Reading Head Start?

Sarah Shephard is the author and creator of the program. She is a professionally trained teacher who developed the program once she discovered that her child had difficulties in reading.

What will you learn from the program?

Many programs are designed to help a child learn but the reading head start program is one that is designed to make learning fun for both the parent and the child.

This program ensures that the child is familiar with simple to difficult words in a matter of time since it was created by a teacher who truly understands every child and their needs when it comes to the classroom and out of class education.

Reading Head Start Video Course

Below are some of the things that a parent will learn from the program:

  • A parent is expected to reflect on the importance of making sure that the child can read starting from an early age.
  • A parent will learn on the ways of helping their child improve the pronunciation of words from an early age.
  • How the program assists a child in improving their social skills to be able to interact better with their peers.
  • One will learn how to boost their child's confidence and self-esteem. A child who can read and pronounce words well has the confidence to speak for themselves and does not hide in the crowd when they can't pronounce certain words in front of people.
  • The dos and don'ts when it comes to the Excellence of your child in school. A parent will learn on things to avoid to ensure that their child is better in school.
  • A parent learns how to ensure that their child's brain development is at an optimum level.
  • How will it ensure that their child excels in learning even if they lack interest in it?
  • How to improve your child's vocabulary and communication skills.
  • How obsolete and bad learning practices that teachers use can cause harm to children who have not developed their reading skills and how to avoid them
  • How to reverse dyslexia that affects a child's learning ability.

What is included in Reading Head Start?

The head starts reading program is a digital program whereby parents can access all the materials and reading schedules that their children require from their laptops, computers or mobile phones.

The materials are divided into four levels where children are awarded certificates when they pass each level. Each level contains pictures, cards, games, workbooks and videos that are fun to help your child in learning.

Every day the child has something to look forward to, and for the 40 weeks that the child is in the program, each day is fun and interactive assignments are handed out to test each child at the end of a 15 minutes session.

The program contains free bonuses that ensure your child is learning quickly at no extra cost.


  • Face Cards
  • Notelets or letter cards
  • Letter Formation
  • Sounds out Cards
  • Irregular Word Cards
  • Advanced Phonics Cards

How does it work? Is it a scam?

The program is a 40 weeks learning process that ensures interaction from both the parent and the child. Every level is different and every session has different reading materials.

For the child, the session is made fun by the presence of videos and pictures cards that enlighten their mind. A picture or a song is very easy to remember for a child since they can sing along to it or a parent can carry the picture cards anywhere for learning. The program is also a very user friend such that a child can use it on their own.

The many positive reviews available from parents who have used the program is a sure way that the program is not a scam.

The program also ensures every parent gets a 100% refund on their money if they are not satisfied or if it turns to be not what they are looking for.

List of good points/pros

  • The program is very user-friendly- this means that even a child left on their won will be able to use the program without any complications
  • A 3-day trial period- a parent is given 3 days that cost very little to try and see if the program works for them and their child. This period gives the parent time to make sure that it's what they want for their child.
  • The program is affordable- unlike other expensive programs, the head starts reading program is quite cheap and has more materials to help our children learn.
  • The program is very safe. Having been developed by a teacher who understands the needs of children, their abilities and their development rate, the program is safe to use for all children since it covers all the important sessions a child would need.
  • This program guarantees you a 100% refund for customers whom it doesn't work well for.
  • The program is user friendly: it has been organized in a step by step manner that ensures every child can follow the sessions and easily grasp whatever is taught.
  • The program is well detailed in such a way that the parent does not struggle to look for materials to train their child. The sessions are divided into 15 minutes of work sessions, each session is different from the last.

Does Reading Head Start work?

The program works perfectly for many parents. For many children, learning is not a downhill task and it takes patience, persistence and cares to ensure that even though the child is learning slowly, they eventually catch up and develop better pronunciations and confidence when speaking.

One way of gauging if the program works is where the author ensures a full refund in case the parents are not satisfied.

This ensures that the author provides materials that are authentic, easy to read and understand and also content that can't be found anywhere else. This will ensure or guarantee the parent the program is highly rated and will surely work.

Finally, one guarantee that the program will work is the fact that the creator is a teacher. Teachers are known to have a wider understanding of children's learning abilities and know what they need to help them improve their learning capability.

Sarah has done that is a 40-week session, divided each into 15 minutes ensuring that the child is not overloaded with information and has time to internalize what they have learned through interactive assignments provided at the end of each session.

The Important of Reading Head Start


The biggest worry of any parent is when a child cannot pronounce a simple word or when the confidence of their child is zero when he or she is in front of other people because they can't speak properly.

Even with parents worrying about the education needs of their child, they are also considering the amount of money that the best program that can meet the needs of their child.

As much as there are many programs out there, many of them are developed by people who just want to cash out and make money, give you materials that do not enhance your child's speech and vocabulary development.

These cons provide you with poorly written materials and for children who have no interest in learning and cant finding fun in the material, they end up getting worse in speech instead of growing.

For any parent in search of a well written, dedicated and capturing program, the reading head starts the program by Sarah Shepherd is the best program for any child.

Sarah gives you the value for your money, makes sure she offers you the best for less and makes sure you have fun while learning.

Sarah developed this program intending to help her child who had a slow learning ability. With time she modified it to be used by other parents who had the same problem as her and also for parents who wanted to help their child outside of a classroom and help them learn in a more interactive fun environment.

What better review than that of a parent, the creator and the first user. Anyone can trust this program 100%.


How old should my child be to start the program?

A child should be at least one to 5 years to start learning about the program. At this stage, a child is much focused and his ability to learn and internalize things is very high. Also at this stage a child can easily understand and find the learning materials fun since they are actively curious and their minds are always wondering to find new things to do.

How do I know if my child is ready?

In each session, there are assignments that the child needs to do so that they can get to the next level. This in return helps the child remember things that they learned earlier in the session. This way a parent will know if their child is ready for the next session. Also at the beginning, if the parent is unsure if the child is ready for the program, they can start with a 3 day trial period, where they test the knowledge of their child, their understanding and learning ability. The three-day test will help the parent determine if the program is worth paying for or not or if they could wait until later in the year to gauge if the child is ready.

I have a child with special needs, can I still enroll him in the program?

Children have different special needs. If the child has dyslexia, you can enroll the child for the program. Teach them to gauge their learning ability. The program has different ways of making the session's fun and engaging assisting the child to grasp things easily. The program, if followed well, can reverse dyslexia. Although it may take a while, the parent is advised to be patient and understand with their child to help them learn. Children with other forms of disabilities can also be enrolled if the child can speak or fully understand the pronunciation of words. It is advisable to also consult a teacher who is familiar with the ability of the child so that the parent can get professional advice to assist their child.

How is the reading head start program different from other programs?

The program is mainly based on learning by using the listening skills of the child. This helps the child to actualize the sounds by listening keenly and repeating them. This helps to draw natural learning skills from the child instead of forcing it on them. The course is customized in such a way that the child can learn any time anywhere they are.

Does the course work?

Based on the thousands of positive reviews available on the website, it is a sure proof that the program works better than okay. The program offers all new users a 3-day trial period to gauge if the program will work for them and their children. Also the program guarantees a 100% refund on your money if it doesn't work so it is good to try it for yourself and see if it works for you. Either way, the best way to ensure if the program works for you is to enroll in and see for yourself.

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