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Welcome to Quietum Plus reviews. Hearing impairment is one of the worse condition that can affect your normal life to become useless. You can imagine you no longer dance your favourite genre of music or hymn along.

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This is when you realize the worth of your life is at balance when your auditory system is active. Therefore, since you can’t bear with that condition, it will force to book an appointment with doctors, and sometimes it may cost you a lot before you get completely healed; hence, Quietum is one of the best, a cost-effective and promising treatment for restoring your auditory impairment.

Besides, from their official website, they even offer a cash-back guarantee policy scheme to protect its client because satisfactory of their client is their priority.

What Is Quietum Plus All About?

Quietum Plus is an auditory dietary supplement that is made from a pure combination of herbs extraction which is meant for repairing the auditory nerves, promote its wellness and elevating your hearing capabilities.

Quietnum plus guarantees to restore your hearing ability at economical pricing and the safest way without undergoing any painful surgeries that might be unaffordable and not 100% successful.

This treatment is eligible for anyone without age limits because the dietary supplement has no side effects and is the best way of restoring/preventing the tinnitus condition before it completely damages your auditory system.

The reason Quietum plus treatment program is considered the best alternative for restoring the auditory system failure is because it does not involve any surgeries and use of any detecting gadgets to aid your hearing which sometimes it could produce false signals that might worsen your hearing condition.

Secondly, it works inherently at a considerable rate which ensures the healing begins from the core of your nerves and cells. Besides, the product is only available in their official website where you can only purchase it to ensure the client get the original product that is not counterfeit and also to give the client an easy time to claim or report if he has any issue that needs an urgent response or refund.

This treatment program also offers a lifestyle and environmental advice because it is believed that both hurt our auditory system if we get involved with them beyond the optimal limits.

Besides, it also stresses that you should deeply understand how our auditory system works; therefore it provides general and key basic knowledge of how to keep your ears healthy and prevent other complicated ear conditions such as tinnitus.

Hence, it has been used by thousands of people, and they consider it the safest way of restoring the hearing ability. Quietum plus works by reversing the condition because the creator believes that the condition is irreversible.

After all, it is majorly contributed by our lifestyle and environmental factors that trigger the auditory nerves and cells failure to stimuli response.

Furthermore, Quietum plus dietary supplement is manufactured in FDA registered facility that strictly follows the good manufacturing practice protocols and guidelines {FMP} to ensure the product dosage has a proportional combination of ingredients that is safe for human consumption with limited side effects, and you can trust them to handle your hearing wellbeing.

Who Is the Creator?

Quietum plus is a passionate result from Patrick Bark after intensive research of finding the best alternative solution for restoring the auditory nerve failure, especially for those who are struggling with it.

Mr Patrick created Quietum plus from natural remedies that are non-GMO to ensure that it does not pose any health risk to his patients and safer for consumption without age limits because he believes everyone deserves a better treatment despite their age.

Patrick’s creation is effective, which works slowly beginning with the root of the defects, and you will start experiencing positive changes in a few days of using it.

According to Patrick’s research, he believes that our auditory impairment is a result of poor lifestyle, unhealthy ear hygiene habits and environmental inconsideration factors around us.

Besides, he believes that tinnitus symptoms arise from false signals that are propagated from hearing aid gadgets which can even worsen the condition. Hence, he decided to create a dietary supplement that will help to rectify the possible defective neural connections in the brain.

What will you get from the Quietum Plus?

Using Quietum plus product has a lot of benefits that are hard to come by if you were under other treatment programs. The following are the benefits you get from using this product, they include;

  • The natural herbs and ingredients contain a lot of nutrients supplies that will help to replenish nutrients that are essential and are missing in your body.
  • The product creates a block against other risk factors that might trigger the nerve damage or hearing loss.
  • It offers you the best lifestyle and earing hygienic advice for the wellbeing of your ears and helps you avoid factors that might jeopardize your auditory nerve system.
  • The product is made up of herb compositions that will help to improve your immune system against diseases.
  • The program also recommends the sound decibels that are healthy to auditory nerve system to avoid harming it through offering advice on how to monitor the volume on the music players and headsets.
  • The Quietum dietary supplement helps to increases efficient blood circulation to your auditory nerves spot as to revive it by natural oxidation.
  • As your auditory nerve is efficiently supplied with blood rich in oxygen, it will keep or maintain and protect your hair cells from being more sensitive so that your auditory nerves to pick vibrations faster.
  • The supplements also get rid of ageing hormones and toxic substances that might affect your auditory nerves. Thereby boosting your brain health and cognitive functions.

What Is Included In The Quietum Plus?

Quietum Plus dietary supplement is contained in a bottle that carries 60 capsules that are to be taken daily for 30 days, meaning you should ingest 2 capsules daily prescription.

It for you to get a positive outcome, it should be continuously consumed for about 2-3 months. The dietary supplement restricts on alcohol consumption for a better and quick outcome.

Besides, it also includes the pricing of the product per bottle, which goes at $49.00 and you can get a discount if you purchase more than a bottle.

Quietum Plus Ingredients


What has made Quietum plus dietary supplement is the combination of many herbs and ingredients that are proportionally mixed to bring the best outcome with limited/without side effects to the user. Below are the ingredients that constitute this product;

  • Black Cohosh Oat grass

This ingredient has vital nutrients and minerals that help in brain functioning and aids in controlling nervousness and irritability, gynaecology problems and maintains hormone balance.

  • Hops extract

Hops is a natural herb that contains anti-inflammatory, anti-healing and pain-relieving properties. Besides, it also aids in providing you with relaxation mood and better sleep.

  • Fenugreek

Fenugreek is mostly used as a spice in Asians foods since it helps in curing digestion ailments, heartburn, acidity and constipation. But in Quietum plus it has a vital role for reducing inflammation of brain tissues.

  • L-tyrosine

This ingredient has some properties that help in regulating the release of neurotransmitters in your brain, which also is responsible for mood regulation and improves your energy levels.

  • Motherwort

Motherwort is an added formula that helps in improving the circulation of blood in your auditory system efficiently. Therefore, it will promote the growth of air follicles which are vital for trapping sound vibration.

  • Pacific Kelp

This ingredient is made up of properties that act as an anti-ageing factor, thereby reducing the speed of cellular ageing; hence, preventing hearing loss that occurs when you are ageing.

  • Blessed thistle

It contains properties that prevent infection in the hearing organs, improves metabolism and is also effective against inflammation. Besides, it can help in controlling eating appetite; hence, good for weight-loss.

  • Yam

Yam is fully packed with a lot of nutrients such as Vitamin C, B complex and B6, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folate and niacin. All these nutrients will help in the proper brain functioning and cognitive processes.

Besides, it has a vital function against inflammation, helps in reducing excess fluid build-up in your ears, prevents ear loss and supports your body.

  • Dong Quai

This ingredient contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help in relieving the pain, promotes overall blood circulation in the body and provides you with the relaxation moods.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Quietum plus is not a scam since the creator has done thorough research about the causes of hearing impairment conditions and found some herbs and ingredients that have some inflammatory properties and vitamins that can help in the healing of the damaged parts in your auditory system.

Besides, when the ingredients work together, they enhance the growth of follicle hairs in your ears which are responsible for trapping sound vibration and ensures proper blood circulation in your brain and auditory system since both systems work together for better interpretation of audio-visual.

Secondly, the ingredients also have anti-ageing properties that reduce the speed of cellular ageing, promotes the relaxation feelings to enhance faster healing of the damaged parts in your ears and prevent further infections to your ears.

Furthermore, the program is also supported with advice and secret guidelines from Patrick that works together with the dietary supplement to help in restoring your hearing ability permanently.

These tips work effectively in fixing the intensity of clear hearing sounds to help you get your brain calm and protect you against free radicals and other unpleasant symptoms. Below are the tips and advises offered if you partake this program, they include;

  • The recommendable volume for audios from earphones, home theatres and many more to prevent stress, frustration, and anxiety to your ears and brain.
  • It creates awareness on noise pollution and teaches you on how the ear functions to prevent damages to your ears.
  • It provides tips on how to increase wax production in your ears since it helps in the prevention of bacterial infections, dirt penetration and foreign bodies from entering into your ears.
  • He also advises you to take regular check-ups to avoid major complication or ear problems.
  • It advises against cleaning your ears regularly and avoid sticking foreign bodies into your ears while cleaning it.
  • The tips also enhance you to do practices/exercises like reading loudly for yourself and also includes nature sounds that are environmental noise focus to help in strengthening the brain hearing comprehension skills to make you listen better and interpret different sounds.

List of Good Points / Pros

  • The capsules are easy to use and are highly potent on regular use.
  • Clients are protected by 60-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • It is only available on their official website; meaning you can directly contact them for a complaint and reduces the chances of being supplied with a counterfeit product.
  • The pricing of the program is pocket-friendly; therefore, it cares for low-income in society.
  • The product is made from natural ingredients with no additives and is non-GMO.
  •  It is the safest mode of treatment that does not include a lot of procedure before you begin using it compared to another form of treatment that needs you to book for many appointments for successful ear restoration abilities.
  • It contains a lot of nutrients that help the body get supplied with what is lacking in your system.
  • The program also offers tips and advises that helps you to restore your auditory system and how to take care of it for your lifetime benefit.
  • It has a secure payment page on the Quietum Plus official site that protects the clients' financial information.
  • They are manufactured in the FDA registered facilities.
  • Can be used by an individual from a different age.

Does Quietum Plus Work?

Yes. The product works efficiently since it is made from natural herbs that are 100% pure with non-GMO additives for safety health measures.

Besides the products aims at healing the damaged parts, promotes the growth of the hair follicles in your ears, increase blood circulation in your brain system and auditory organ and promotes the brains functioning to enhance easy interpretation and conversion of audio-visual.

However, you should not expect faster result as it has been mentioned above since the degree of your ear damage may vary from individuals and also depend if you strictly adhere to the dosage on daily routine and strictly avoid alcohol.

Furthermore, as a client, you are protected by 60-day money-back guarantee policy that entitles you for a full refund if the product does not satisfy your need or if you have not experienced any positive impact since you started using it.


Quietum Plus is one of the best dietary supplement that will restore your auditory abilities if you strictly adhere to its precaution and dosage intake.

Besides, it is sold at a fair price that is pocket-friendly and yields a permanent solution if you follow the environmental, hygiene and knowledge guideline on how to take care of your ears.

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Where can I get this product?

Quietum Plus is only available at their official website.

Is there any discount offered if I purchase in their official website?

Yes. You can opt for a basic package that which only includes a bottle that contains 60 capsules that goes at $69 and you get to enjoy a free shipping to your doorstep. Or you can decide to get the most popular package that offers you three bottles with a reduced price at a costs of $59 per bottle or you. If you feel like you want to stock for more of this product you can get a basic value package that contains 6 bottles with a reduced priced per bottle which only cost as low as $49.00.

Where is Quietum plus manufactured from are they certified?

Quietum Plus is not yet certified, but are manufactured in FDA registered facility that strictly follows the good manufacturing practice protocols and guidelines {FMP} so as to ensure the product dosage has proportional combination of ingredients that is safe for human consumption.

Is there any risk of using this product?

The product does not have any harmful or side effects since it is manufactured from natural ingredients and herbs that are 100% pure and non-GMO. However, before using it, it is essential to check-up with your doctor to avoid contra-indications if you are under medication.

How do I claim a refund if I’m not satisfied with the product?

If you are not satisfied with the Quietum plus result, you can take action within 60 days of purchasing it and get in touch with the team behind the product or drop an email to contact@quietumplus.com and request for a refund. However, you should bear in mind that you will have to return the supplement bottle{s} which it does not necessarily to be full. This is to ensure that you legitimately purchased from them for you to get your full refund.

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