Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Reviews

Looking to buy Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet by Shaun Hadsall? Read honest review to find out if it's worth your money or not. Just another diet program scam?

What's Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet All About?

The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is a diet regime that helps people over 40 years reset their hormones. The creator of this diet argues that when people hit 40 years, they experience rapid hormonal imbalances and decline which leads to extreme fat storage despite the individual being on a diet.

Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Reviews

The body also suffers from a metabolic slowdown that activates return weight gain. Also, the body undergoes age-related deficiency on growth hormones which speeds up aging and makes the individual more susceptible to disease.

This can be observed in many individuals who have reached 40 years their health starts to deteriorate.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

This diet was created by Shaun Hadsall, a fitness professional with over 20 years’ experience. He developed the diet to help his wife after she acquired premature menopause after undergoing aggressive colorectal cancer treatment.

After the premature menopause, Karen, his wife, was unable to burn belly fat despite going on different diets and exercising regularly.

Karen also observed healthy eating habits, reduced calories and carbs, had longer cardio sessions, and even used hormones; she was still unable to lose belly fat and her skin still made her look older than her age. This is what made his husband to create this diet to help his wife who had hit 40 to look her age.

What Is Included In Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet?

The program is a guideline on how one should eat to reap maximum hormone optimization and achieve quicker fat loss by applying three easy steps.

The steps involve strategically timing your meals, combining hormone-boosting foods in the correct way, and eating your cheat meals in the right way. When you decide on this program you have to follow the steps to achieve the results.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The creator of this program swears that the program worked for his wife. This is how it works.

The first step involves timing your meals in a strategic manner. The meal-timing strategy taught in the guide will help your body control the hunger hormone (Ghrelin).

When you are able to control this hormone, daytime hunger and cravings at night will cease. These cravings are one source of excess fat as you end up eating too much food as a result of the cravings.

The second step is to combine hormone-boosting foods in the correct manner as this will determine if your body burns or stores fat. When you take this step, the following hormones will undergo rebalancing.

Insulin: This is the fat-storage hormone that balances blood sugar and reduces storage of fat in the body. When you reach 40 years, your body becomes insulin resistant leading to surplus body fat, heart disease, and diabetes.

Insulin is stabilized when you consume the right hormone-boosting foods.

Cortisol: This is the stress hormone that eradicates pain and aches, banishes stress, boosts the immune system, and reduces inflammation.

When the levels of cortisol are chronically elevated or unbalanced, it results in your body depositing fat on your neck, face, and belly.

Melatonin: The sleep hormone induces sleep, averts heart disease and fights cancer. Levels of melatonin decrease as you age which makes it difficult for you to sleep well at night.

When you reset your cortisol levels, the body releases enough melatonin every night thus helping you sleep deeply.

The third step is to have planned cheat days and cheat meals. Most people abuse their cheat days which leads to fat storage, excess bloating and digestive discomfort. When you follow the guidelines, you will know the correct way of having your cheat meals.

if you want to SEE your body change quickly in as little as 24 hours just follow my step-by-step blueprint below to start losing up to one pound per day while RESETTING your body’s MASTER fat-burning hormones.

It’s specifically designed for your age AND your current “hormonal condition”.

List of Good Points / Pros

  • Boosts the rate of metabolism
  • Decreases cravings and hunger
  • Increases the quality of sleep
  • Releases growth hormone
  • Incorporates cheat meals and carbs
  • Continuous and rapid fat loss
  • Rebalances hormones
  • Restores vitality, youthfulness and energy
  • Reactivates diminishing fat-burning hormones
  • You don’t need to exercise
  • You don’t require willpower

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Program?

This program is ideal for people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s. It helps them lose fat that remains in the body due to the effects of aging. It aids them by ensuring they look their age and also with appealing physical features.

Does Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Work?

Effects of the diet are realized within 24 hours after you start the diet; if you follow the program faithfully, it is possible to lose one pound per day.

You need to follow the diet for at least 90 days to reap full benefits. With over 40 diet program you have to be discipline in all the steps that it offers, failure can lead to frustration and doubt all together.

After you purchase the OVER-40 Hormone Reset Diet Manual, you get free bonus to help you walk the journey. They include:

  • Follow along Success Tracker that maps out exercise and food plan
  • Quick Start Guide that has a food chart that is easy to follow
  • Training Manual that guides you on exercises that can accelerate fat burning
  • Keto Cheat Sheets that are hormone-optimized
  • 8 Fat Burning Drinks to help reset the hormones


The Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet has helped many people burn fat in their bodies, sleep better, regain a youthful look and get re-energized.

The manual currently goes for $19 and you get to receive the five bonuses above. Also, part of the money collected from the sale of the manual is used to bring fresh water to people in developing countries .

Therefore, as you help yourself, you will also be helping the disadvantaged get access to clean water.

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