Old School New Body Reviews

Many obese people can lose weight through exercise and diet but this may not work for everyone. That is where Old School New Body comes in handy.

There are many programs out there that are similar to this one that promises obese people they can lose weight within a few months.

However, they usually fail to live up to expectations leaving many people heartbroken and counting losses. So the question on everybody's lips is whether Old School New Body is a legit weight loss program or a scam.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on any program, you must do your research. This will help you know whether the program is helpful as it claims or it is a scam created with the purpose to steal your money.

I have made the work easier for you by sharing what I found out about the Old School New Body review. Hopefully, this review will help you decide whether this program is the right one for your weight loss journey or not.

What is Old School New Body all about?

The Old School New Body program refers to a comprehensive workout system that gives you simple instructions on the diet and exercises you should follow.

Simply put, Old School New Body is a fitness program that is geared towards adults who are 40 years and above. Most people who are above the age of 40 have accepted that their body will get weaker, unfit and even sick.

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot stay healthy and fit once you age. This system makes it easier for seasoned adults to maintain a healthy weight.

The secret to Old School New Body is to eat healthily, get enough sleep, and exercise consistently. This system focuses on the simple rule of exercise that you should use weight to attain high fatigue workout or focused resistance.

If you are above 40, you should not lift heavy weights to lose weight fast.

This program teaches you to use moderate weights as you exercise which puts less pressure on your joints in case you are above 40 years.

Apart from the exercise routine, this weight loss program features a nutrition program that is very detailed and easy to follow.

You may be interested to lose weight and stay fit as you age but for many people, it is not a walk in the park. For some, they may not be interested in a fad diet or may lack time to exercise because they have a busy schedule.

But with this program, you will need to spend only 90 minutes every week following the strong F4X Training System. This will help those who are training reverse how the body ages.

Some people will start to experience changes in their bodies in about two weeks. You may prefer Old School New Body program if you are interested in burning stubborn body fat, strengthening your joints, maintain and develop lean muscles, and slow down the rate at which your body ages.

Who is the creator or author?

The program Old School New Body was created by three people namely Steve Holman, his wife Becky Holman and another gentleman John Rowley.

Both Steve and Becky Holman are an excellent example of perfect fitness couples. They are veterans in the fitness and weight loss world has been in the business for several years.

Steve Holman has been the editor of “Iron Magazine” for the last 25 years and a contemporary of Vince Gironda. So far, he has written 20 books which touch on the topics of weight training and nutrition.

He discovered the principles of Old School New Body after going through some of the belongings of the late Vince Gironda. To date, Steve has written many articles and books on the topics of weight loss, nutrition, and fitness.

Steve Holman started working out and lifting weights while he was still very young but his body transformed spectacularly after he started to follow the F4X workouts.

Becky Holman, on the other hand, has worked as the contributor to Iron Man Magazine for the last ten years and has written different articles relating to lifestyle and nutrition.

She has been married to Steve for the last 3 decades and they are both blessed to have two kids together. Becky Holman is a good example of how well the Old School New Body program works.

She started using the system only after reaching the age of 40 and the transformation to her body has been significant.

Old School New Body Reviews

The authors behind the popular Old School New Body program realized that adults in their 40s experienced the challenge of time shortage to work out or maintain a normal diet.

When you look at the bodies of Steve and Becky Holman who are well past their 40s it goes a long way in showing you how fit and young you can look when you use the Old School New Body program.

What will you learn from the program?

Once you have this program, expect to learn the F4X workouts (Focus 4 Exercise) as well as diet. The F4X is classified into three different workout routines which are designed to help you achieve three different workout goals.

However, the three fitness routines include four different core exercises. The four core exercises include squats, bent over row, incline presses and upright row.

F4X Lean Workout

This is the first exercise routine in the Old School New Body that starts slowly. If you are a newbie and you want to begin your weight loss journey, then this workout routine is best for you.

As the name suggests, the F4X lean workout will help you lose excess fat and build lean muscles. Also, this workout routine will help tone your muscles as well as help you get used to resistance training workout.

You will need to do this resistant workout three times a week for 30 minutes.

F4X Shape Workout

The exercises in the F4X Shape Workout are pretty much longer compared to the ones on F4X Lean Workout. This workout routine is designed to chisel out your muscles so that you can get the right shapes and cuts.

The exercises included in the F4X Shape Workout should be done three times per week for 45 minutes.

F4X Build Workout

The third workout routine on this program is the F4X Build Workout. This workout routine is more intense compared to the previous two workouts on this program and is designed for those looking for bodybuilding workouts.

The F4X Build Workout helps you build greater muscle mass and is supposed to be done four times per week.


The Old School New Body program also includes the nutrition and diet section which is pretty much straightforward.

It advises trainers to eat foods that are rich in protein as well as snacks during the day. This diet focuses on eating five to six meals per day which should contain a high amount of protein and lower amounts of carbohydrates.

The daily diet plan available in this book includes foods such as whole grain, green vegetables, fresh fruits, and nuts.


What is included in the program?

The Old School New Body PDF

This is an eBook PDF that has a total of 101 pages which includes useful tips and instructions which relate to the Focus 4 Exercise.

The Old School New Body features other tips that relate to lifestyle and diet that helps to complement your workout benefits.

The Ultimate Fat Burning Secret

This guide also features tips and tricks for weight loss as well as burning fat by giving you advice on which foods should be part of your nutrition program.

The F4X Quick Workout Start Guide

The workout start guide gives you a quick glimpse of what to expect in this eBook without reading a total of 101 pages. You will get to choose the type of workout program that ranges from Shape, Build and Lean.

The Ultimate Muscle Building secret

The workout book will show you the secrets of attaining lean muscle. You will get information on how fruits will help boost testosterone and increase muscle mass.

The Ultimate Health Secret and Happiness

This book includes tips and tricks on foods that can help relieve depression, anxiety, elevate spirits, and improve your moods.

Pros of Old School New Body

  • Easy to follow

There is a good reason why this program has got an “old school” on its name. Old School New School has got a wide variety of comprehensive exercises that use classic equipment such as weights.

There is nothing complicated about this book. The information provided in this book is very straightforward and to the point.

  • Developed by experienced experts

This is one of the main advantages of the program because many similar programs claim to have been designed by experienced gurus which are not always the case.

Steve Holman is a well renowned and reputable fitness expert who has shown that it is possible to transform your own body through the workout, adequate sleep, and diet which the program attests.

  • Takes less time

Everyone wants to maintain a normal healthy weight especially if they are obese. However, you may lack time to go to the gym which is where this program comes in.

With the Old School New Body program, you only need to give 90 minutes every week so that you can see results. In short, you will get value for your precious time when you use this program.

  • Value for money

If you are looking for a weight loss program that is not only effective but also affordable then Old School New Body will not disappoint. The price at which this system is sold is worth every coin you spend.

  • Expert opinions

The Holman’s have a reputation in the fitness industry which makes sense that the information they share in this program is very reliable.

Both Steve and Becky have been contributors to Iron Magazine for 35 years cumulatively and have exercised with renowned people in the industry.

  • Detailed information

Many websites offer different information about weight loss and dieting which can be confusing at times. If you have tried to follow such information then you know what a struggle it has been to try and shed some pounds.

But with this program, you will get detailed information ranging from aphrodisiac foods to diet and workouts. In addition to providing information that can transform your life, this program has topics that let clients live their best lives.

  • Money back guarantee

You never know if a program may fail to meet the expectation as promised which is why you need to check if it includes a money-back guarantee policy.

If a product like this lacks a money-back guarantee, then chances are that it is not a legit program. Old School New Body program gives clients the peace of mind that they will get a refund in case they do not see results after 60 days.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

This program is based on the F4X regimen which is based on lifting the moderate weight which puts less stress on your joints.

Rather than using high weights for intensity, this program focuses on shorter rest times between each set. The benefit of rest times is that it allows your muscles to be fatigued without your body joints being subjected to wear and tear because of lifting heavyweights.

As a result, muscle fatigue will release the human growth hormone. The HGH hormone triggers the effects which cause you to burn fat, fight aging and build muscle.

Although the book vividly states that the HGH decreases as we age, it is not clear whether the hormone is the reason we maintain our youth as stated by creators Becky and Steve.

The Old School New Body program is created by two experienced fitness gurus who understand what it takes to lose weight, feel healthier and look younger.

The fact that the program comes with a money-back guarantee means that you can be sure that you are buying an effective weight loss program which is not a scam.

Does Old School New Body work?

If you use the program as the authors suggest, then you will see results after a few months. The exercise methods which are provided on old School New Body are proven and tried which means that you are getting a program that works.

If you want to lose weight and look younger even at your 40s then you should not hesitate to get this program.


Old School New Body is an incredible program for those who want to lose weight and stay fit. Beginners who are above the age of 40 including those who are young can use this program to exercise.

The best part is that the exercises included in this program are simple to follow. Also, it comes with an incentive of a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows one to get a refund in case they are not satisfied with the program.

Hopefully, you learned everything you need to know on this review of the Old School New Body.

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