Manifestation Magic Reviews

Make Sure You Read Our Manifestation Magic Review Before Buying it. Our in-Depth Guide will Help you Learn About This Program.

It was just by coincidence that I bumped into this product by Alexander Wilson which is all about the law of attraction.

If you check online, you will see a lot of reviews about Manifestation Magic with some people claiming it works while others saying it’s a waste of money.

Manifestation Magic Reviews

So the question that begs is does Manifestation Magic work or is it a scam like any other law of attraction product out there? To find out the answer to this question I decided to do in-depth research about this program.

Most people who have written reviews about this program are yet to test the program to find out if it works. So you will find misleading reviews online which are not accurate.

To eliminate this common problem, I decided to test the program myself to find out if it is worth the value of money. But first, let’s picture this.

We all have goals that we want to achieve but somehow they seem to be difficult to achieve. So one day you go to sleep as usual then the next day you wake up and everything has manifested into a reality.

Last night you slept the same way as the previous night but the only difference is that you ­listened to strange sound frequencies while you were sleeping.

To many, this may sound a little far-fetched but that is what Alexander Wilson promises in his program Manifestation Magic. Before you believe what Alexander Wilson is saying you need to ask yourself these questions;

Is it possible to manifest anything within 24 hours when you use this program?
Or is this program a scam ready to steal your hard-earned money?

In this Manifestation Magic review, we are going to look at everything you need to know about the program, including what it is, who is the author, how it works and whether it is a legit program or a scam. Let’s get started.

What is Manifestation Magic about?

Manifestation Magic by Alexander Wilson is a Law of Attraction program that is available online and uses soundwave technology which can help rewire your brain so that it can manifest what you desire.

The author of this program Alexander Wilson practices as a spiritual guide and has a Master's degree in Psychology. Alexander has been teaching about the Law of Attraction for the last 7 years.

Based on his knowledge about the law of attraction, the power of the subconscious mind as well as visualization, the author claims that he has helped many people achieve success in their life.

According to Alexander Wilson, this program can raise the vibrations of people permanently. As a result, you will find yourself breaking free from limiting beliefs, enhancing your wealth, health and living an abundant life.

The concept behind Manifestation Magic is that you only need to push play and the “brain entrainment” audio tracks erase all the restrictive thought patterns using subliminal programming.

You must know that each track available on this program uses soundwave technology which is developed by a renowned Energy Orbiting expert, musician as well as a renowned audio engineer.

What you should know is that the tracks work the same as guided hypnosis with the advantage of being the sound therapy which amplifies the visualization process. Alexander Wilson says that you may have trouble manifesting because of the following two major reasons:

The first is that you get stuck in your own limiting beliefs as well as negative programming

The second reason is that you find it hard to maintain a high vibration or simply put you find it hard to stay energetically charged for long periods

When the above is solved it will go a long way in making people achieve their dreams.

Who is Alexander J Wilson?

The creator of this program is a best-selling author and spiritual teacher going by the name Alexander J Wilson. As an author, Alexander J Wilson has written different spirituality books as well as the law of attraction.

Like many people, Wilson has experienced highs and lows in his life. ­At one point in his life, Alexander looked like he lived a perfect life, at least on the outside.

But in reality, he lost his job, drove a junk old car and lived in a house that was falling apart. In short, he went through a demoralizing experience that could have seen many people in his shoes quit upon life. Instead of giving up, Alexander Wilson decided to discover himself and his destiny.

According to the author’s blog, he spent many years studying with different spiritual masters and from both ancient and contemporary backgrounds to try and understand the laws of the universe that can be applied for personal development.

That is how he created the life-changing Manifestation Magic program. The videos are a compilation of the knowledge he has acquired throughout his life and features the best techniques that can be used to harness the Law of Attraction.

What will you learn from the program?

  • Energy orbiting

The first thing you will learn about this program is energy orbiting which is important if you want to know how to change the negative thoughts, traumas, and beliefs in your conscious and subconscious mind into positive thoughts.

When you have negative thoughts, unfortunate events will start to occur in your life. One may achieve energy orbiting when they reach the “Transformation zones” which is deep within you.

In this zone, you can control your mind by shifting from the Beta state which is characterized by activity and wakefulness into Theta state which is known by deep meditation and calmness.

  • Energy frequencies

Manifestation Magic teaches people to boost their energy frequencies so that your frequencies increase. If you are suffering from low confidence, lack of self-belief, uncertainties or negative thoughts, the lower energy vibrations will generate low energy frequencies.

The creator of this program states that 95 percent utilize low-frequency energies which attract negative people, events and things into their lives.

However, the remaining 5 percent of people have known how to use high-frequency energy to bring positive things into their life.

  • The conscious and the subconscious

A human brain usually consists of the subconscious and conscious side. The subconscious side of the brain is the one that dictates your beliefs and how you feel.

It is this part of the brain that you can choose to store negativity and positivity. On the other hand, the conscious side of the brain is responsible for problem-solving, decision making, and positive thinking.

What is included in the program?

  • Quick start manifestation guide

This is the main eBook guide that shows users how to best use the Manifestation Magic program including guided instructions for audio tracks.

  • Twilight transformation energy orbiting track

As the first Manifestation Magic audio module, this track works on your subconscious mind by clearing the limiting beliefs which are preventing you from attaining what you want to achieve in your life.

All you have to do is play the audio while you are sleeping so that it works on auto-pilot. This will work on your brain after you reach the Theta state while you are sleeping.

  • Seven “energy orbiting” tracks that enhance Chakra wealth energy

This includes modules such as Daytime Wealth, Twilight transformation, 10 Minute Mediator (Part 1), and 10 Minute Mediator (Part 2).

As the name suggests, this audio contains subliminal messages as well as binaural beats that work on your energy thus clearing chakra blockages that can help you to easily manifest money.

It works by removing limiting and negative thoughts via the use of theta waves while listening to audio tracks. According to reports, the best time you can do this is when you are sleeping.

  • Bonus materials

After purchasing the Manifestation Magic, you will not take the eBook home but additional bonus materials. These bonus packages include the following:

  • The Chakra power system

You will get 7 audio which are 10 minutes long each. These audio sessions aim to help remove blocks that are associated with one’s chakras.

This will help you eradicate feelings of unworthiness, eliminate feelings of disempowerment, and eliminate confusion in your life.

  • 360 transformation system

It contains audio tracks that help with extra Energy Orbiting. The benefit of these audios is that they wake up your hidden powers when you play wealth awakening audio track, whispering waves audio tracks and health awakening audio track.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

As you already know, this powerful program is divided into two modules namely a 15-minute manifestation guide and Energy Orbiting.

The former prepares you to enter the energy orbiting stage. From the Energy Orbiting stage, you will learn the following:

  • The twilight transformation

The program suggests you play this audio track just before you go to sleep and leave it to play overnight. The audio works by relaxing your brain while you are sleeping.

This happens at the Theta stage. During this stage, the audio plays subliminal suggestions that remove negative thoughts also referred to as abundance blocks.

  • Additional audio tracks

This features the “Daytime wealth activator”. The good thing about this audio is that it helps to re-program your brain to achieve wealth as you go on with your day to day activities.

The other audio track is the “10-minute mediator” which helps you to meditate so that you can enjoy the fruits of meditating.

Up to now you probably have an idea whether this program is a scam or not. So the million-dollar question that people are asking is whether Manifestation Magic is a scam?

First thing first I didn’t like the fact that the program makes bold claims that you will start to manifest money 24 hours after its use.

Some people may make money within the stipulated time but others may take longer. Other than that the program works well in helping people in their manifestation journey. So, I believe Manifestation Magic is not a scam.

Pros of Manifestation Magic

Like any other product, Manifestation Magic comes with its fair share of pros. First, this digital audio course has positive opinions as well as positive reviews.

Second, this program comes with bonus audio packages. Third, this program has no long courses which you can study.

Fourth, the results of this program can be seen within 24 hours. Sixth, this program comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. Other benefits of Manifestation Magic review include the following:

  • Easy to use – plug and play system

The first benefit of this program is that it is easy to use within no time. All you have to do is plug and play and everything will be up and running right away.

After purchasing the product, you will have access to the entire digital product which comes with specific instructions on how you should use it and apply the techniques which can help you to begin manifesting your life.

  • It changes your thought paradigm

Many Laws of Attraction teachers attest to the fact that you will go through a thought paradigm when you finish the LOA course.

This program works by changing your old thought paradigm into new ones. For this to happen, you need to remove the old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns of thinking which help block your success.

  • Content that offers long term growth

The difference between Manifestation Magic and other similar programs is that this program offers long term growth.

This program is designed to be used in the long run which helps restore your abundance mindset so that you can achieve what you thought was impossible.

Does Manifestation Magic work?

Yes, the program works and in fact, some people will see results within 24 hours of using the product. This program works whether you ask for peace of mind, want to buy a new car, or money.

However, it may take longer for this program to work because the world has to manifest itself. This means the world will have to prepare people, resources, and events so that you can get what you wanted.


Manifestation Magic is a program that is available for everyone regardless of their gender or age. If you like to listen to audio then this program uses subliminal which can change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

However, not everyone prefers listening to audio all the time which makes sense for them to look elsewhere. All in all, Manifestation Magic is a powerful Law of Attraction program that works well as shown on this review.

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