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The lean body hacks program's main agenda is to enable you to lose weight. The main technique used is a detailed diet system that is science-based.

The incorporation of the well-researched diets that's full of whole full nutrients builds one immunity giving your body strength to fight all kinds of atrocities.

Full Lean Body Hacks Review

This act increases the rate at which your body metabolizes burning the excess fats and calories and leaving you feeling healthy.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

Randy Smith is a former marine and the main author of the Lean body hacks program. Coming from a troubled home, his mother faced all kinds of physical and emotional abuse for a long period of time.

The abuse drove her into gaining a lot of weight to a point of becoming obese and later had stroke-related problems.

Randy's love for his mother led him to a lifelong dedication to research to save his mother's health from deteriorating and developing a second stroke as warned by her doctor. This research led to the birth of a lean body hack program.

With a background in marine, Randy was already exposed to a variety of spice formulas that played a major role in weight loss and in a healthy way.

With the help of Mike Zhang who is the scientist behind the spice blend, the duo was able to come up with a weight loss formula.

This helped Randy's mother to cut down 87 pounds after the usage for a couple of weeks. The weight loss brought happiness to Randy's mother. She was no longer at risk of a stroke. She looked healthy happy and so full of life.

With the positive turn of events, Randy and Mike took it upon themselves to create program out of the spice formula and help individuals who are struggling with weight loss issues and related health conditions.

What will you learn from Lean Body Hacks?

  • The need for the golden ratios and formulas that have been incorporated into the meal plans and diets to enable the process of weight loss while at the same time maintain healthy measures and standards.
  • Types of herbs and spices that are included in our meal plans and diets.
  • Tea recipes that have been incorporated to enable the process of detoxification enabling out bodies in getting rid of dangerous unwanted toxins.
  • The lean body hacks program will give you guidelines in exercise routines that have been designed in making you lose excess fats and aiding weight loss. This will mostly come in handy in the 60-second flat belly protocol.

What Is Included In Lean Body Hacks?

  • The lean body hacks manual

In this chapter, we will be able to learn the importance of including vegetables in our meal plan. It gives an insight into the do's and don'ts when it comes to vegetable intake.

It gives guidelines on the types of vegetables to include in our diets as they have nutritional value and will aid in weight loss and the ones not to indulge in as they will result in accommodation of fats hence no good can come out of their intake.

  • The lean body hacks detox tea guide

It features a wide variety of tea recipes. Each tea recipe has a well-stipulated guideline on how to incorporate ratios of different herbs and spices to make the best formula and cup of herbal tea that aids in achieving desired results.

The tea is rich in flavor and excludes distinct and spicy aromas. The detox tea fastens the process of metabolism, allowing our bodies to get rid of excess fats and dangerous toxins while at the same time cuts down the excess weight.

  • The lean body hacks 21-day guide

The 21-day plan is very comprehensive. It covers everything from what to eat, drink, managing stress and has a well-stipulated sleep plan to allow our body to get enough rest.

It features detox tea recipes that aid the body in detoxification hence getting rid of unwanted toxins. There is the incorporation of different ratios of herbs and spices into our meals that creates a conducive environment in absorbing the right nutrients and enabling other processes that result in optimal weight loss.

  • One month accountability check-in with Randy Smith

Randy smith loves to relate with his clients. After the lean body asks program purchase, he makes it a point of checking up on his customers and see how they are faring and offer any form of support that will be effective in ensuring their needs and wants concerning the program are achieved.

  • 60 Second flat belly protocol

This comes as a bonus.These are well put together exercises that are precise and super easy to perform. They are specially designed to put the focus on your core muscles while flattening your abs giving you the flat belly that you desire.

  • Over 40 libido booster

Our bodies respond differently to the different kinds of food we give it. Randy Smith has come up with a dietary plan that is rich in spices and herbs that are very essential in boosting libido ensuring one can enjoy and have a healthy sex life.

On the other hand, the reader has been given an insight into the herbs and spices that may play a major role in diminishing libido.

Lean Body Hacks Table of Content

How does it work? Is it a scam?

Unlike other exercise programs where you have to starve yourself to acquire the desired results or sweat yourself extremely in the gym, the lean body works only requires you to stay in and relax and still lose weight.

The program guarantees you a surge of energy even when you are losing weight, helps you eradicate life-threatening conditionals like hypertension, stroke, heart disease or even diabetes.

It increases your metabolism, dissolving extra fat and reducing your belly, love handles and thighs ensuring that you maintain a slim figure.

The program is efficiently effective for both men and women and men at the age of 40 where it is designed to work with your body hormones and helps you lose one or two pounds as you sleep.

It also contains anti-aging agents and helps you with joint aches and excess body weight. The 21-day system helps you in managing herbs and spices ratio that has proven to work well and are a part of a healthy living style.

List of pros

  • The 21-day program gives you a guarantee of a refund with an additional 60 days if it doesn't work
  • The program does not take out foods from your diet, instead, it incorporates into your diet, becoming an addition.
  • With this program, you don't have to do strenuous exercises to lose weight or even buy expensive medication or go for surgery to lose weight
  • The program is simple and precise. It doesn't have complicated measurements or diet needs that you will need to buy daily.
  • The program ensures that your health issues disappear. This program is created to function with your body improving your body functions and increasing your metabolism thus it is a healthy intake.
  • It gives you many videos that you can easily access and practice effectively.
  • The program is cheap and less time-consuming.
  • It offers a one-month accountability check with Randy Smith where you can get to interact and ask burning questions in regards to the program.
  • The program is easily accessible. The author has published the lean body hacks eBook that can be downloaded from an online platform.
  • The lean body hack program comes with two bonus guide lines i.e. over 40 libido booster and the 60 second flat belly protocol.

Does Lean Body Hacks work?

With the emerging trend of everyone rushing to the gym to lose weight, excitement comes when you don't have to tire yourself, sweat and feel the pain of lifting heavy gym equipment in the name of losing weight.

This 21-day program is a comfortable instant lose weight deal where all you need to do is mix a few herbs and spices that improve your health and you are good to go.

Life body hacks works well for many people between the age of 40 to 80 years and gives them a health boost eliminating life-threatening diseases such as stroke, obesity, hypertension, etc.


It takes 21 days to form a habit and a lifetime to keep the habit. If all it takes is 21 days, the gym is not an option at this point.

Life body hacks program will give you a healthy balance which you will be able to maintain even after the 21 days. The body adjusts well to the program and maintains the change by losing at least 2 pounds every night.

Who would want to lose a pound while sleeping? You wake up feeling energized, full of life ready to face a new day.

Everything about a lean body hacks program is just a click away on your phone or computer giving you the freedom of accessing the content anytime and anywhere in the world.

With lean body you will always get the value for your money since even though you don't get to lose the weight, you end up preventing diseases like arteriosclerosis where the solution of herbs and spices cleans your heart and arteries helping your heart pump better.

Download Lean Body Hacks PDF


Why should I choose lean body hacks?

One of the major reasons you should be able to choose lean body hacks is because it is the best. It doesn't interfere with your daily meal program, it doesn't interfere with your busy schedule, it just fits in and makes you fit and healthy.

I am diabetic. Can I still use the program?

Lean body hacks do not interfere with your plan, instead, it adds into it. When using lean body hacks, you only get to lose weight while sleeping. The solution of spices and herbs cleanses your body and is insulin-free. It balances your body in metabolism and energy production all the while getting rid of extra fat in your body.

What is the ideal weight to start using the program?

The program is mostly designed for people ages 40 to 80 years. People of this age are either struggling with diseases like diabetes and heart disease or joint pain. They have no time to run. This gives them a perfect time to sip in their herbal time or cook the vegetables in the comfort of the homes. The ideal weight is basically when you are not feeling confident in your skin. It can also be the moment you visit your doctor and they tell you that your BMI index is not right. That is when you should begin considering this program.

Will I lose weight if I use this program?

Yes, the program is designed in such a way that you lose weight without having to exercise or strain your body. You keep up with your normal diet, the program increases your metabolism and energy. This means that the more you eat the faster the digestion and dissolution of fats in your body. 21 days are ideal to get your body to adjust to the program and make it a habit

What happens if I don't lose the weight?

The 21-day program ensures that if a customer is not happy, they get a refund of 100% of their money. It makes sure that it gives you an additional 60 days to see if it still works for you and if still, it doesn't work, you still get a refund. Even though weight loss is guaranteed, if you gain weight instead of losing it, you get a professional diet on when to adjust your daily meals or the intake diet and also adjust the intake of herbs and spices that will help adjust your metabolism and energy levels. One major reason it is guaranteed that you will lose weight is the fact that the program integrates with your hormones creating endorphins that make you happy and still feel confident while on the weight loss journey.

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