Hyperbolic Stretching Review

Hyperbolic stretching is a special program that is designed to improve the flexibility of human beings both in a static and a dynamic fashion.

It entails a guide that shows you the best methods you can use to enhance your body flexibility. The program is also helpful in improving the muscle strength of a human being as well as helping him/her to recover faster from injuries.

In-Depth Hyperbolic Stretching Review

It entails an exercising course of four weeks, whereby you will be needed to spend only eight minutes in a day and be able to attain muscle strength and flexibility.

The program also has general benefits to the overall health and well being of a human being.

It is called hyperbolic stretching because it is a unique stretching technique that uses a hyperbolic siphon trap. It is easy to use the hyperbolic siphon trap because it improves your muscle strength and makes you to be flexible.

Besides, it also increases the levels of testosterone hormone in the body and other hormones too. Right after finishing your first day of exercising, you will start improving strength in your body.

This program was designed to target mainly the busy people as it can be followed while in the office, in the gym, at home, and even outdoors. There is no necessary equipment that is needed during the practice.

Hyperbolic Stretching helps you improve your athlete's life, and that is why it is a prerequisite for martial arts training.

The exercise will also help you be able to perform advanced yoga exercises comfortably without straining too much.

You will get to learn some systolic muscular tissue activation exercises that make you be more flexible and full of energy.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

The author and creator of the hyperbolic stretching program is Mr Alex Larson. He is a full-time professional core flexibility and strength expert and also a computer programmer.

Larson stopped working as a computer programmer and ventured into flexibility training. Up to date, he has worked with more than 20,000 individuals who were interested in gaining strength and flexibility through stretching alone.

Today his programs and methods are being taught in various gyms, martial arts dojos, and yoga studios across the world. How did Alex Larson come up with the idea of hyperbolic stretching?

Mr. Alex Larson discovered the idea of hyperbolic stretching after experiencing the total shutdown of his thighs, lower back, and hips.

The shutdown was caused by his computer programming job. One day he spent 12 hours on the chair working on his computer, and after his shift was over, he could not stand up and move.

He used various physiotherapy techniques in managing the problem alongside other medications, but all were in vain.

After trying hyperbolic stretching, Larson was able to restore his lost athleticism, flexibility, and general wellbeing in 4 weeks. Surprisingly, he did regain his health after four weeks.

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After this short period of time, Mr. Alex was able to conduct his daily activities comfortably without pain. He gained agility on the upper body and lost stiffness in his lower limbs.

Furthermore, Larson found himself having more power and energy than normal. It is at this juncture that he decided to put the ideas into writing, and that was the beginning of hyperbolic stretching.

What will you learn from Hyperbolic Stretching?

The hyperbolic stretching program will help you learn an array of things. Some of the things that you will learn from the program are mentioned below.

  • You will learn about reciprocal muscle inhibition

Reciprocal muscle inhibition is also called Myotatic reflex. The program will help you learn what is the role of this reflex in improving the flexibility of your body.

When this reflex is off, your body muscles tend to relax throughout the day. Therefore, there is no need of you warming up when you want to do any exercise or workout.

  • You will learn the impact of hyperbolic stretching on your bedroom performance

Many people complain of poor bedroom performance, but they do not know that the hyperbolic stretching program can be their solution.

The program can not only improve your performance on the bed but also increase your penis size. You will get to learn how the exercise impacts the sexual hormones of a man and a woman.

  • You will learn how to do fast kicks and full splits

Full splits are one of the hardest exercises to do because your muscles could be stiff. Hyperbolic stretching program will make you learn to make the kicks and full splits without the need of warming up.

  • You will learn the mistakes that people make when stretching

By the end of the program, you will be in a position to identify the p common mistakes that people make while stretching or doing any flexibility exercises. Not all people do it the right way, and that is why others do not attain the desired results.

What Is Included In The Program?

The hyperbolic stretching program includes four weeks guide for training management. The guide comes with particular movements that will push your body to arrive at the top and go beyond the barriers that are preventing you from reaching your potential.

The program needs 8 minutes a day only. After conducting the exercise for three weeks consecutively, you will start experiencing some strength in your body.

The book comes in two versions, the male and the female version. This is an excellent idea of writing the book in two different versions based on gender.

Many people tend to forget the sex factor when coming up with exercise guides or programs. Males are different physiologically from females, and so their exercises and stretching programs ought to be different.

To equip you with an idea of what the program is all about, let’s have a look at both versions of the book.

Modules of the male version

  • Complete flexibility and pelvic power
  • Pleasure, pelvic power and penis length
  • The split test
  • The science of stretching
  • What decides your flexibility
  • Myotatic reflex
  • Autogenic inhibition reflex
  • The program routine

The Female Version:

  • Pelvic strength and complete flexibility
  • Pelvic power
  • The split test
  • The science of stretching
  • What defines your body flexibility
  • Myotatic reflex
  • Autogenic reflex
  • A routine of the program

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Hyperbolic Stretching program is not a scam because various people have benefited from it. The program works effectively for people of all ages and both genders.

Hyperbolic stretching program works by keeping your body flexible and improving the strength of your muscles. Your muscles are readily warmed up if you are following the program.

You will not need any warm-ups before conducting other exercises or sports such as football, running, and other trainings.

It also works by stimulating the testosterone hormones of a man and help him improve his libido and performance in bed.

As if that is not enough, regular exercising as per the guidelines will help a man increase his penis size, therefore boosting his confidence in bed.

Our body muscles were built in a way that you can manipulate them. If you decide to make them stiff, then live a sedentary life, and you will make them stiff forever.

If you want to make them flexible, then engage in exercises. Among the exercises that can help the muscles to be flexible is the hyperbolic stretching exercise.

It works by turning off the Myotatic reflex and help in improving the flexibility of your muscles. If your muscles become flexible, you get tremendous growth in your sports performance as your muscles will be elastic.

The hyperbolic stretching program also works by helping you to recover quickly after sustaining injuries on your muscles or connective tissues.

Hyperbolic Stretching Good Points / Pros

  • Safe and Secure Program

As stated earlier, the program was designed by an expert, so you do not have to worry about getting hurt while performing the recommended practices.

Provided that you will follow the guideline, you will be safe and secured. You should get peace of mind when you are working with an expert besides that; he is an experienced trainee and trainer too.

  • Classic new stretches

The stretches that are incorporated in the program are not like the traditional stretches that you know. They are revolutionary ones that are supported by solid and new science to provide you with quality results.

  • Stretches take a short time

The good thing about this program is that it does not take much of your time. You only need eight minutes in a day for four weeks, and you are ready to see results.

It is the perfect workout for individuals who have tight schedules. Who cannot afford to have an eight-minute break and do the exercises?

  • It is cheap

One of the most economical stretching programs is the hyperbolic stretching program. Other stretching programs similar to this are sold at prices higher than $100, but this is available at a price that is less than $50. It saves you a lot of money as it is pocket friendly.

  • Can be implemented anywhere

To implement the program, you do not need a large space or area. You do not have to go or set a fancy gymnasium and buy expensive training equipment.

You can do your workouts with the aid of your manual anywhere and still get the desired results.

  • It improves your health

Apart from stretching your muscles and enhancing their flexibility and strength, the program also plays a vital role in improving the general health of the trainee.

It also helps you in faster healing of the injuries that you sustain at the connective tissues and muscles.

  • Works for all genders

The program is not restricted to a certain gender only, but it is applicable for both male and female. The creator of the program also wrote two different versions for the female and the male.

This ensures that all genders get personalized exercises that will help them in improving their well being.

  • No special diet required

Unlike other physical activities that may require special diets such as intake of some supplements, the hyperbolic stretching program requires no special diet.

You can do it and attain the desired results without the need to consume any supplements or increasing intake of certain nutrients.

  • Improves the reproductive and sexual health

For men, it helps in increasing the size of the penis as well as assisting them in maintaining an erection for long. For women, the program helps them in improving their libido and protects them from bowel incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, and other reproductive complications.

Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

Yes, the program works because many people have confirmed its effectiveness after four weeks of routine exercising.

Hyperbolic stretching is the best program that you should embrace if you want to see changes to your muscle tone, inflexibility, and strength.

In one month, you will come back with excellent reviews about the program. It works well for both male and female though many of the users are the male.

Most men who have tried the program have come back feeling happy and with peace of mind. They have boosted their self-esteem before their partners as they have restored their happy sexual life.

Women can also learn how to improve their libido, reduce bowel incontinence, and how to maintain their pelvic strengths.


The hyperbolic stretching program is a workout system that is created for flexibility, strength, and size. It is up to the user of the program to be disciplined and adhere to the guidelines in the manual if he/she wishes to achieve good results.

Consistency is key in this program. It runs for only a month, making it easy for you to maintain consistency and discipline in conducting your exercises.

The program will always work for you if you follow the instructions to the latter. The effectiveness of the program does not depend on your gender, neither does it depends on your current level of flexibility and strength.

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