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Welcome to Ejaculation By Command Review. It is embarrassing when a man has a stamina problem and cannot go for as long as he wished when pleasuring his partner. Despite being a laughing stock, she’s left feeling neglected, abandoned, and dissatisfied.

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Are you wondering how to get rid of this problem once and for all? Worry no more as there is a program called Ejaculation By Command. The program is your solution to retarded ejaculation and premature ejaculation, enabling you to prolong the time in bed by delaying the ejaculation.

It makes you last longer while giving your partner incredible and eye-rolling pleasure. Below we look for more in-depth information about this life-changing program.

What is Ejaculation By Command all about?

This is a book that focuses on a men's challenge to ejaculate. Men find it embarrassing when they take an attractive girl home or their wives yet are unable to last longer than they wanted or inability to satisfy their wives because of ejaculating too soon.

By undergoing this program, you can learn how to last longer in bed, consequently enjoying a sex life that you never thought was possible while making your partner happy. Becoming the best lover as you wish while having the ability to make love better and accomplishing your dream.

Who is the author or creator?

The Ejaculation by Command book is written by Lloyd Lester an internationally respected sex coach for men. He came up with this training program after himself undergoing an embarrassing unwanted encounter with his wife on an anniversary night that almost led to their divorce.

However, after learning the secrets that he unveils in this book, his advice has been featured on popular sex education websites. Also, through his content and training, he has been trusted by experts in the sexual wellness space like Adam Armstrong, Jack Grave, Susan Bratton, and many more world-class endorsements of his training.

What will you learn from the program?

Ejaculation by Command by Lloyd is a comprehensive eBook that will help a man get to conquer premature ejaculation that is an embarrassing issue.

Despite this condition being common among men, there is a way to overcome it and give your woman the ecstasy she has always had for a longer time.

When doing the program, you do not need to use creams, pills, lotions, sprays, and medication to achieve it. It is a fully natural inexpensive approach.

The basic solid background introduction focuses more on premature ejaculation where you are allowed to know. Besides, you get to know more about the myths and misconceptions, chemical imbalances, male sexuality, and so forth, as they may be a factor too.

You will also learn about the physical and psychological techniques that you are to undertake to overcome it. These tips, techniques, and strategies are practical hence you will start to notice the difference after practicing them.

Also, it covers what diet and sexual skill enhancement are suitable for eliminating your problem and making you better as time passes.

Through the instruction laid out in the core, the guide shows how men should understand that their brains play a big role while having sex with their partners.

Hence, the tried and tested techniques are all going to help you control excitement by reducing extreme arousal. Along with the eBook comes 3 extra gifts of handbook secrets of raunchy sex, female orgasm, and G-spot orgasm. These are for giving you more information about how to drive her with arousal and excitement before giving her a night worth remembering.

What is included in Ejaculation By Command?

The Ejaculation by Command book is a comprehensive guide to men on how to naturally satisfy your woman by beating premature ejaculation through training and conditioning.

It does not tire as it is easy to read and gives descriptions in detail, specific tips, exercises, and techniques that men can do which will increase their sexual confidence in bed and ability to last longer as you deem suitable.

This book not only focuses on those people with ejaculation problems only but also becomes very helpful to those who want to add their minutes during lovemaking; it's a great and practical resource.

Besides, Lloyd does not only focus on premature ejaculation on isolation as he takes a holistic view of the problem, where he gives key tips on enhancing female arousal and how to bring your woman to an orgasm.

In the first part, the book has fundamental modules that make you understand the truth about male sexuality and premature ejaculation. The information might seem overwhelming at first but it is important to be keen on it first as it helps you have a firm grasp and basics while helping you to maneuver easily through strategies and techniques.

When writing this guide, Lloyd compiled tons of practical tips and suggestions on how to last longer in bed thus it's easy to find some techniques you are familiar with.

On the brighter side, everything has been put together in an organized manner making the guide neat and a one-stop storehouse resource for lasting longer.


The book is offering solid and practical information as it is one of the most complete ways, having step-by-step systems to unlocking full endurance in bed.

As an aspiring superb lover who is ready to keep his woman fulfilled and can hold ejaculation almost on command, this guide is a great resource as it offers plenty of ideas and suggestions on how to acquire the natural ability and make the sex life awesome.

The program is segmented into six parts.

  • Ejaculation by the command core protocol.

It consists of the main guidebook that illustrates more about how a man can gain control over there and his partners' pleasure. It contains instructions, mind control techniques, and advice on how to do it.

It has a variety of methods that massively reduces the nervousness a man gets before sex, thus enabling you to tap the chemicals pleasure in your partner, which consequently enables you to hold your load for a little bit longer up to 50%. Also, you can synchronize your breathing to that of your woman that calms you down, thus lasting longer.

  • Exclusive audio companion protocol.

The more you listen to certain content, the more you stick to your mind. The second part of the program includes high-quality audio files that engrave the techniques of ejaculation control forever in your brain.

The advantageous part of this video is that you can listen to them any time while carrying out different chores like traveling, cooking, and exercising.

  • 15 emergency techniques to last longer.

The handbook is best read for you when you are in a hurry to please your woman. This is because it introduces the Refractory Advantage, a concept that assists you to last 3 times longer.

The segments also give the key ways in increasing your stamina from 30% to 50 % enabling you to provide an incredible ecstatic orgasm session to your woman.

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  • Ejaculation by Command Quick Start Guide.

To reach your excitement in seeing full potential on the bed with your woman, this is a starter for a fantastic one. It provides all the neurochemical feedback that you need to win her heart and make her sexual experience exclusively dependent on you.

  • Premium life updates.

You are guaranteed Lloyd's latest research finding on how to make your sex life better. These will be free lifetime premium updates that come along with purchases of the book.

  • 1 on 1 email support plus private membership content.

As a purchaser of the program, you are assured to reach Lloyd personally regarding your sex life. With this, you can email him yourself and be assured of getting an instant response the same day on how to fix your sex life.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

Ejaculation by Command guide is a book with a wealth of information which starts with fundamentals which has so much to give when you want to permanently overcome the problem of premature ejaculation naturally.

From this book, you are bound to learn and uncover myths and lies which cloud along with the problem, thus making it harder for a man to break free from premature ejaculation and pleasuring the woman.

On the contrary, it helps in carving it out and bringing along a sexual performance that is lasting for a long time giving you more confidence.

The second part of the book is where Lloyd provides you with plenty of tips and techniques. You begin re-training and re-wiring your mind and body to be ready to delay the ejaculation lasting longer during sex while giving your partner and mind-blowing pleasure and erotic experience she deemed impossible.

With this program, you are doing it naturally, meaning you do not require pills, lotions, and creams, or any other expensive measure to accomplish it.

The paramount factor in the program is practice, just like any other e.g. running and losing weight to working you have to be fully committed and involved to build your sexual stamina. Thus, undertake the right training and conditioning methods, your story will change.

List the good points/ pros

By buying this book and undergoing the program you are guaranteed so many advantages that come along with it. Among them include:

  • It is easy to read and understand the book. Since it has descriptions in detail, when reading you can easily understand the information that is intended to be communicated. Without any jargon terms, it gets easy to maneuver from the first page of the book to the last enabling you to gain all the knowledge needed.
  • The techniques, tips, and exercises are done at home. There is no cost incurred going to seminars or hospitals for you to last longer and improve sexual confidence.
  • You don't necessarily have to be suffering from premature ejaculation for you to use it. It serves as a great resource to teach your man or your man how to add minutes during your lovemaking sessions and frequent ones.
  • The program involves a holistic view of the problem covering all the myths and lies said out there while giving the practical strategies to do in detail on how to enhance the female arousal consequently bringing a woman to orgasm.
  • Through undertaking the program, you are assured like more than 2000 men who have done it that you will stop being a laughing stock as you master how to control that premature ejaculation.

Does Ejaculation By Command work?

Yes, the program works and does positively from the men who have used it. It starts with the very first quick start guides where you can see a rapid improvement in the first night.

The ability to master the skills to please your woman adequately and have full control of ejaculation on command requires patience. Taking your woman to a new sexual height which will leave her surprised will require you to successfully finish the core protocol, supporting handbooks, and the audio clips.

By reading the tips and techniques that are provided to you during the re-training, you will have the ability to master your ‘Inner mind' during sex that in turn will give you the sex confidence you have been claiming.

The discovery of the power of Neurochemical Feedback makes you as long as you would like without sacrificing pleasure, consequently making your partner howl in delight.

The program assures you that by the time you are through with it, you are a powerful, confident, and mastery man who any woman will die for.

Ejaculation by Command is a profound program that has helped a thousand men have a buildup and improved sex life with their partners. The main guide helps you gain proficiency when it comes to intercourse thus making an addictive course to your partner while the quick guide and bonuses are revealing methods which are less known by many in boosting the average skills in bed.

The main course comes with 5 other supporting guides that unveil every tip and trick which hastens your performance in bed. Ever since Lloyd started the program, he has helped more than 23,405 men to get raging hard erections and long hours of sex who have given their positive feedback.


Ejaculation by Command has a wealth of information that helps you as a man to unlock full endurance in bed. This is because it has a step-by-step system which includes the tips, techniques, and strategies to become the man your woman always wanted.

As the program needs patience and practice, a commitment to it will give you the utmost knowledge you forever dreamt of to see your sexual life-changing course.

Also, even if you do not suffer from premature ejaculation, this book will help you achieve greater heights. It helps you get more information about how to arouse and sustain your woman's sexual experience giving her an eye-rolling orgasm while you reach your potential.

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If you are committed to solving this issue completely without dealing with it again Ejaculation by Command is what you are searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of this book?

The author of Ejaculation by Command is Lloyd Lester, an international sex coach for men.

How legit is his work and what guarantees it will work?

From his profession as a sex coach for men, you are assured that he is not scamming but is here to help. Besides, his work has been ranked effective and has received appraisals from well-known experts worldwide like Susan Bratton, Gabrielle More, Jack Grave among others. Also, most men who have undergone the program have given positive feedback.

How can I get Ejaculation by Command?

The guide is exclusively available on its official sites for purchase. Simply click the 'Add to Cart' option and from there be directed to its payment portal. Afterward, wait for the PDF and Audio files to be downloaded to your device and that it. You can commence your journey through the program for the most exciting results.

What if I want to ask a question in between the program?

In case you want to ask anything related to the program and how to end premature ejaculation, you are given the priority to have one on one priority email support from Lloyd himself, he will guide you through. The email support is instant so jo waiting on late replies.

What are the benefits of using Ejaculation by Command?

Sex binds relationships and marriages, hence it's an exciting event. Though the principles of this book may seem easy as the main goal of this book is to get rid of premature ejaculation, the book offers so much more than that.

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