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The Critical Bench Program 2.0 is a body building program with a focus on bench press with a main aim of making someone go through the pain of doing the bench presses with ease.

This program helps increase the amount of weight one can lift in order to gain more firm muscles mass and make one stronger.

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This program has a focus of giving the participates high muscular physique with an aim of focusing on the development of the upper body muscles. This involves not only the chest muscles but also the triceps and biceps and most of the upper body muscles.

This helps increase the amount of weight one can lift and as a result helps one gain more muscles and to make one stronger.

Without forgetting the long arms, wrist pain or shoulder pain this program will help into building bench press with an effective way of how to do it.

Being the favorite workout routine for most body builders of our times mainly because one gets to work out several muscle groups with an aim of having a better muscle growth through having more muscles involved.

Who Is Author or Creator?

Created by Mike westerdal who is a sport expert from Central CT state university. A football player, he acquired his personal training qualifications from the American council on Exercise.

He is an accomplished personal trainer with, and he also doubles as a power lifter who competes in both APA and APF Federations with a personal best of 603 lbs. in bench pressing.

As an accomplished contributing muscle writer, he has taken part in writing for iron magazine including monster muscles and a dozen of internet articles.

Apart form the critical Bench 2.0 program Mike westerdal has also participated in the development of other programs like the unlock your Hip flexor where he participated with Rick Kaselj in the development of the program. He also has participated in other program development like forward head posture.

What will you learn from the program?

With a focus on bench pressing, this helps develop all the muscles that are made of the upper body. Isolation exercise is usually meant to target specific muscle groups and are not good for core strength. This is the reason as to why one’s strength is measured by how much they can lift a bench press.

Through using this program, one will get to understand the importance of a training schedule that when followed it would yield amazing results.

This schedule is needed to avoid overtraining in order to give time for the muscles to recover this is because it is the most common mistake that is made by weight lifters.

Another thing that will be learnt in this program is that a routine warm up is crucial and should be done before a bench lifting session in order to avoid aches and muscle pain.

Another important thing that is learnt in this program is the technique that will help the lifter gain more weight while lifting, this includes the correct way of handling and using both hand and legs, and the wrong way that will lead to a reduction in the amount of the weight on lifter can lift.

During the program one will be able to learn the following things that will help them build more strength.

Know when it is the right time to rest and recover-Recovery and rest is of key impotence and one should know when it is the right time to do so. This program offers the proper warm up in order to give the body a proper jumpstart in lifting the heavy weights.

Knowing the right lifting techniques is also something will be learnt in this program. With most body builder lifting the wrong, this program teaches how to lift right in order to avoid any form of injury which will be catastrophic when lifting.

Having the right mindset during lifting is an important technique taught in the program in that if the body and the mind are one then the growth rate of your muscles will me significantly large compared to when you don’t have the right mind set while lifting.

An adjustment to lifestyle habits like poor eating habits, sleep deprivation. having the right sleep amount and proper diet is essential for effective rapid muscle growth.

Knowing the secret of maintaining the same workout routine over a long period of time will only give your body a standard muscle plateau and will not help you gain more muscle unlike the critical bench program that provides a variety of workout that will eventual lead to the gaining of more muscles.

What Is Included in Critical Bench Program 2.0?

The program- Critical bench program 2.0 is one program that is concerned with the theory of bench pressing with a customized training log of 100-500 lbs., a full workout chart and a fundamental guide as to how to perform the bench press correctly.

Upon purchasing of the program, one gets to receive

  • A critical de load routine which can be followed after doing the critical bench program
  • Conversation with a bodybuilding expert where one can receive tips that are ideal for bodybuilding.
  • An exercise guide that can be performed even without the proper exercise equipment’s.
  • In-depth guide of creatine usage sport, facts about the usage of creatine, an in-depth examination of the most popular muscles building and mass gain supplements.

The program lays out the 10 wee training cycle that includes the entire body no just the upper body a thing that most fail to understand together with a detailed explanation of which muscle is critical for the bench development and which one is not.

A step by step guide of which muscle to train in a given set of day is also included and the order in which they should be trained is also included in this program and an explanation to which muscles should be trained first chronologically.

An easy to implement program that will defiantly increase the amount of bench you can press. Also included in this program in a step by step explanation of how you can use the rest of your body in order to facilitate your bench legally without the used of enhancement.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Different bench press variation has different effects on different muscle strength, with each working different muscle groups. There include four types of bench variation

Traditional Bench Press – This is a bench press that is done by lying down flat on a bench and pressing the barbell up and down at the chest height. This works on the Pectoral muscles, shoulders and arm muscles.

Inclined Bench Press – The inclination of the bench is usually at an angle range from 40 to 60 degrees in order to make back lean slightly. This has a focus target on the upper chest muscles and the shoulder muscles.

Declined bench Press – This is a reverse of the inclined bench press with a downward inclination where the feet are slight raised than the upper part of the body or head. This helps work the lower chest muscles and the Shoulder muscles.

Narrow grip bench press is a bench press technique that has its main focus on the triceps and the forearm.

Being a perfect guide for anyone who wants to develop his upper body strength through the mastering of the correct lifting techniques used for each muscle group. This program will help in the avoiding of strain and injuries that are caused mainly by use of improper lifting techniques.

With only a 10-week plan one can craft their body into what the always have wanted.

To accomplish the Bench press program, one must make some serious adjustments in most of their livelihood example bring,

Not going on rapid results-oriented diets that will he had to stick to for along time instead make changes overtime which are easy to incorporate into ones the lifestyle

  1. Have a high Intake of water and minimize soda and other alcoholic beverages and fruit juices.
  2. Avoid Hydrogenated Oils
  3. High Intake of organic foods
  4. Avoid sugars only take during special occasions

Critical Bench Program 2.0 Pros

The program has the following pros.

  • Once you attain a stage of benching more that all your gym buddies you get respected and automatically feared giving you the attention that you need in all of your life.
  • Increased benching lead to increase muscle growth and development all around your body
  • Easy to follow and is intended to be understood by everyone from a beginner bodybuilder intermediate and advance body builder.
  • The writer being an experienced body builder and the guide is written from a personal experience and contains experience from other weight lifting experts.
  • The is an offer of 100% money back guarantee from the program if satisfaction is not achieved one ca have their money back
  • The detailing of the program is perfect. From the bench press to the right diet, Form, to achieving the right maximum weight you can press bench on your own.
  • The program is designed to increase the upper body push strength thus the more weight you can press the more weight you can shoulder press hence as a result there is an increased upper body pus strength.
  • The programs help in the development of a bigger Pec major which is mainly associated in horizontal protraction. The pec major is used to give the stronger and stronger appearance.
  • The formation of triceps that are strong is a benefit of this program. Making almost 2/3rds of the arm. Bench pressing helps strengthen and build all the triceps heads long, lateral and medial during the lift. Stronger triceps usually have a great carry over to other pressing movements.
  • The program teaches on how to have the right mindset for the critical bench press to take effect in your body without the right mind set it will impair the development rate of the muscles.

Does Critical Bench Program 2.0 Work?

With the sole purpose and primary focus on progressively overloading and developing the muscles this program works because muscle development is faster if they are worked on to the limit. The author of the program is a good example that the program works perfectly having test it on himself.

The program will work because you don’t need to have complicated gym equipment’s but the basic gym equipment’s that are found in almost any gym, they include the normal weight, bench and the dumbbells.

The program works when the instruction is followed to later as explained in the program. This means by lifting weight in an incremental way as explained in the program. This will bring about the body to start adapting with the gradual increase of weight overtime. thus, gaining of the muscles.

Because the critical bench press program is an intensive and demanding bench press program muscles get stimulated into a faster growth this in turn cause the body to produce the anabolic hormones into the bloodstream which in return facilitate the gaining of muscles and the loosing of fat.

The program having been used by many body builder is a testimony on its own with a 100% work rate return in 10 weeks, depending on who you are anyone can use the program achieve the desired results from armatures to professional bodybuilding athletes.


With an offer of 100% money back satisfaction, this is one of the most amazing bench-pressing programs that are available in the market. Taught by an expert who has gone through the same program and with expert conversation from bodybuilding experts.

If the program fails to work on you due to one reason or another one may get a full refund of their money with no questions asked which gives one a completely risk-free trail.

For maximum incorporation of bench weight in one’s routine, one should do bench press for around two or three times a week and should have a rest day in-between in order to facilitate muscles recovery. With the number of press the you do in a session depending on the goal that you are trying to achieve.

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