7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

Do you want to have a breakthrough from all the challenging situations that you are facing? Are you on the verge of giving up and lost all hope of receiving a miracle? Well, it is not time to give up but to try the fantastic 7 Day Prayer Miracle program. Getting in touch with your divine breakthrough is not an easy task.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is a fantastic program that creatively combines elements of the law of attraction and spiritual faith so that you can get to receive your desired blessing.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Review - Does It Work?

This article will focus on what the 7 Day Prayer Miracle is all about, its creator, and what to learn from the program.

Additionally, it will discuss what is included in the program, how the program works, its pros, if the program really works and some answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

What is 7 Day Prayer Miracle All About?

The 7 Day Prayer miracle is a fantastic program that teaches people on how to get into theta state very fast with the aid of scientifically and spiritual proven prayers.

The primary focus of this program is to show people how the prophet Daniel changed the life of his city through prayers.

According to the creator of this program, prayer is the missing connection that hinders the law of attraction from working.

According to the creator, prayers remove the stumbling blocks from the subconscious mind and aid one to stay theta state to protect the positive things in their life.

The law of attraction, according to this program, involves speaking to the subconscious mind and informing it the thing that you desire in real life.

The more frequently you believe in an outcome or thought, the higher the chance that the subconscious will act in agreement to manifest the various thoughts into their physical equivalent.

The spiritual prayers help to boost the subconscious vibration. There are individual prayers that are found in this program that are powerful on their own.

However, when these prayers are used together with the various manifestation techniques in this program, you get a whole complete system to manifesting abundance into your life.

The 7 Day Prayer miracle is very easy to exercise and follow. You do not need to have much experience in prayer and its manifestation to use this program.

What is required t is to follow the instructions strictly in the manual to attain the desired results of miracles in your life.

The exciting part of this program is its incorporation of the spiritual element to the law of attraction. For someone who believes that prayers work as well as the application of the law of attraction, then the 7 Day Prayer Miracle is the best option that you have to achieve great abundance in your life.

Who is the author?

The author of the 7 Day Prayer miracle is Amanda Ross. Amanda developed this amazing program after her encounter with Archangel Michael.

The encounter miraculously helped her overcome the pressing challenges she was facing at the time like her hospitalized husband, marriage, children, eviction and debts.

Amanda shares her story of how she and her husband almost lost their lives in a car accident. However, she says that the accident is one of the greatest blessings in her life.

From this experience, she created the great 7 Day Prayer Miracle that mixes manifestation with faith as well as abundance seeking to maximize results while applying the law of attraction to work in real life.

What will you learn from 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

There is quite a lot to learn from the 7 Day Prayer Miracle. Below are some of the beneficial things that you will learn from the program.

  • Attaining verified Techniques:

The 7 Day Prayer Program is very beneficial in that it helps you to reach the desired state of mind, which is Theta.

The program has a comprehensive step by step guidelines on how to develop the effective skill of proper feeling to deliver prayers that go in line with the conscious thoughts in the brain.

The program aims at heightening your alertness of the surrounding environment and also internal feelings to help you target your prayers correctly.

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  • Creates in you proper skills:

The program has a tremendous and more profound spiritual understanding behind it. From using this program, you will begin to move from the state of lack to a state of abundance.

The program helps you to gain a complete state of spiritual abundance, absolute responsibility, fearless confidence and unconditional love.

In this program, there are a variety of exercises that help strengthen your awareness of your intentions, attitudes, thought and subconscious feelings.

  • Appropriate preparation:

With the wrong attitude and bad habits, you will not be in a position to fix any of your problems even with any amount of thinking.

The bad habits and attitudes prevent your prayers from reaching heaven and attaining the blessings that you seek.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle help you to clear out bad views and habits as well as remove the daily garbage that gets stuck in the mind that we gather from time to time.

Being aware of our stuck attention points helps us to actively clean them up and ensure that the prayers we make have a clear and direct connection to heaven.

What is included in the program?

Overview of what is inside

Prayers play a great role in helping us to get in touch with our blessing and live a life of great abundance. The program contains a prayer that is composed of four simple sentences that are easy to read and comprehend.

Amanda shares in this program the 4-sentence prayer that greatly helped her recover from many worries to winning a lottery.

She argues that you can achieve anything you want in life if only you include a prayer to your daily routine.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle gives a detailed shocking tragedy of Amanda Ross that expresses excellent blessings. The program is related to the unknown secrets of Archangel Michael.

The secrets will enable you to get hold of mighty miracles. The program is designed to help you remove the negative habits and attitudes from your life to enable you to experience positive, permanent changes in life.

Modules of the program

You might be wondering what exactly is included in the 7 Day Prayer Miracle that has promising results? Well, do not worry because this section will explain what exactly is included in the program.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle main manual: The manual is a book that contains powerful words of wisdom. These words teach you on how to pray like the prophet Daniel did and rose from slavery to co-ruling the city.

It includes prayers that will enable you to connect with the spiritual world, angels and God successfully.

The prayers are aimed at helping you resolve all your worries and live life in abundance. It helps you to exercise your ability to connect to heaven directly.

  • The 7 Day Prayer Journal:

The prayer journal has seven powerful prayers that one has to say for seven days. The main goal of these prayers is to help you live life in abundance and connect with heaven. The program employs the skills of effective journal keeping.

Bonuses included in the program.

  • Devine hearing:

The book will teach you how to recognize messages sent to you by the angels effectively. Angels have always been with you since birth and are well aware of your destiny and personality.

Being able to understand messages from the angels will enable you to solve problems that you are facing as well as make better- and well-informed decisions.

  • Divine Numbers:

Some numbers have a special connection with our personality. This guide helps the reader to understand and interpret angelic sequences as well as release their blessings.

The book will help you to comprehensively understand your unique numbers and the message they have for you. Decoding these numbers will help you learn secrets in life that will surely amaze you.

  • A song of shifts:

The song of shifts is an audio recording with a very soothing tune. It is specially designed in the frequency that will enable your mind to get to the Theta state very fast.

The Archangel Michael Prayer of boundless blessing: It is an easy to follow powerful prayer for abundance. It also helps to protect you from the Archangel himself.

  • The prayer of Daniel:

It contains the prayer that Amanda Ross used to turn her life around from the various challenging situations that she was facing. The prayer is split into four different verses. The prayer is said to work best if it is recited daily.

How does the program work? Is it a scam?

If you have faith in the law of attraction because it has not worked for you, it is not time to give up yet but rather to try the fantastic 7 Day Prayer Miracle.

Removing the negative or limiting beliefs from the subconscious plays a significant role in the manifestation of our desires into reality.

The 7 Day Prayer miracle aims at helping its users to change their state in Theta. According to Dr Bruce Lipton, a developmental biologist the conscious mind is not what runs our lives, but rather it is the sub-conscious mind. According to him, prayers are an excellent way to get to the Theta state.

The program teaches you how to pray like Daniel and get through that challenging phase in your life. The program has an easy to follow step by step instructions that equips you with enormous wisdom to practice each day so that the angels can save you from your problems.

With prayer, an individual successfully gets into the state and subsequently start to attract positive things into their life. According to the 7 Day Miracle Prayer, prayers help to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

The program covers key areas in a person’s life to help bring positivity into their life. The main areas of focus are health, career and relationship.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Pros

  • The program is logically and clearly explained for better understanding
  • It is risk-free
  • It is affordable
  • The 7 Day Prayer miracle helps you to reach your desired goals in a short time
  • The program equips you with wisdom and innovative ideas
  • It is available in a digital format
  • Has excellent manifestation techniques
  • It has a 100% money-back guarantee if after 60 days you will feel the program is not for you

Does 7 Day Prayer Miracle work?

There have been numerous speculations if the 7 Day Prayer Miracle works. The truth is that this program has been proven to give amazing results.

It is argued that the human mind can attract happiness, good health, better relationships, wealth, and anything good in life.

It is an excellent program that combines manifestation, the law of attraction and prayers. The author of this program, Amanda combines various positive attributes of the law of attraction, prayers and manifestation to aid in getting a great life.

The program has definite guidelines that help the user to connect prayers and manifestation successfully.

Additionally, it has an eBook that has little exercises that are easy to perform. Prayers go a long way in understanding the spiritual world, and when combined with the law of attraction, you can live the life you have always dream of.

The program teaches you the right prayers and methods that will help you to unlock a great abundance of love and happiness in your life successfully.

Honestly speaking the 7 Day Prayer Miracle is better than any other program that you come across.


In conclusion, the 7 Day Prayer Miracle is a worthwhile program that helps you to unlock your blessings and live a life of greatness.

The program has a simple step by step guidelines that will help you get to the Theta state very fast. It helps you to get rid of negative habits and attitudes that hinder your prayers from reaching heaven.

If you are facing challenges in life, this is not the time to give up but to try the incredible 7 Day Prayer Miracle that guarantees you amazing results in seven days.

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Is the 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program a scam?

From the various positive reviews of this program, it is right to say that the program is not a scam. It has proven to give desirable results, unlike other programs in the market.

What happens if I Discover the program is not for me?

In case you discover that the program is not working for, you can have a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days from the date of purchase.

Can the program work for me if I do not believe in prayer?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle program is designed for those who believe in prayer and God. For those who do not believe in the existence of a supreme being, then the program may fail to work for you.

Can I purchase the program from a book store?

The 7 Day prayer Miracle program is strictly available online. The journal, manual and the bonus materials are only accessible once you purchase it from the official website.

How fast do the prayers give results?

The programs call for a lot of patience. Once you purchase the program, you have to be patient for at least seven days for you to start noticing positive results in your life.

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