28-Day Keto Challenge Review

Make Sure You Read Our 28-Day Keto Challenge Review Before Buying it. Our in-Depth Guide will Help you Learn About This Program.

28-Day Keto Challenge Review

For you to lose sustainable weight, you will need a healthy diet that you can continuously use. Or else, when you put a halt in keenly following the diet, all the weight begins coming back again.

As if this is not enough, it takes a lot of effort and time to start a new diet again. Plenty of research has to be done, convincing yourself has to be done and many other strenuous activities.

When all these is done, you will likely fail again, and the vicious cycle continues. This is why the 28-day Keto challenge will be appropriate for you.

What Is 28-Day Keto Challenge All About?

The 28-Day Keto Challenge is an exceptional online system that gives you a complete system of kick-starting ketosis and improving your health and diet with the use of the ketogenic diet.

Unlike other diets, the ketogenic diet is a healthy and medically recommended option specially designed to help you lose weight and still gain health benefits.

Having undergone several tests, the diet has been proven natural and 100% safe. Instead of counting the lost calories and restricting diets, the 28-day Keto challenge is all about low-carb high-fat eating.

Therefore, if ready to undergo the 28-Day Keto Challenge and see yourself successfully transitioning into a new and healthy diet, then this article will be of great help to you. You are actually in the right place!

There are very versions of the 28-day keto challenge. However, all these versions ensure that carb-rich foods are burned. Some of the foods may include:

  • Starches from whole grains and refined grains like cereals, bread, rice, pasta, cookies, corn, among others.
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Fruit juices.
  • Legumes and beans

Most ketogenic diet plans allow the consumption of foods with high saturated fat. These types of foods may include fatty parts of meat, lard, processed meats and butter.

The list is also inclusive of unsaturated fats of seeds, nuts, plant oils, avocados, and oily fish. Therefore, the variation of the plan will be dependant on the food listing, the source of your ketogenic information, and many other factors.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

The 28-day keto challenge is a dietary therapy that was primarily developed to replicate the achievement and eliminate the limitations of using fasting to try to treat epilepsy.

This diet plan was trendy in the 1920s and 1930s. It was however, abandoned soon after its adoption when the anti-convulsing drugs were invented and found to be carrying out the roles that this diet could carry.

Patients who have epilepsy were able to prevent the seizures with this medication. However, approximately 25% of these patients failed to control the seizures despite their efforts in trying every other medicine.

For this group, the diet still worked for them perfectly and therefore; the keto diets began taking effect.

In the year 1994, Jim Abraham’s, who was by then Hollywood producer, had a son who was suffering from severe epilepsy.

The ketogenic diet worked for this family as it was able to control the seizures effectively. For this reason, the Charlie foundation came up with the Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies that further promoted the diet.

The foundation successfully funded a research study and in 1996, results from the study caused the commencement of renewed scientific attention to the food. Thus the development and advancement of the popular keto diet.

What will you learn from the program?

The 28-day Keto challenge is meant to help speed up and simplify your changeover to becoming a fully Keto consumer.

Through the meal plan, you will learn how to adapt to the ketogenic diet and be able to get the high ketones that you have always been searching.

This will then be a good indication that you are burning fat. According to medical practitioners, this meal plan is not only ideal for fast weight loss, but you will also learn how to achieve high energy levels and ensure your body functions optimally.

According to further medical studies, 95% of people desiring to change their diets fail because the new diets are not usually sustainable.

This is, however, not the case for the Keto diet. With the 28-day meal plan, the common issues that lead to transitioning failure will be fixed. The meal plan will provide you with everything that you need to transition to the ketogenic diet effectively.

What Is Included in 28-Day Keto Challenge?

Generally, with this 28-day keto meal challenge, all the hard work has already been done for you. Your only task will be to focus your effort and time on actualizing what the program requires you to. The 28-day challenge comes with:

  • Every information that is needed to help you understand the ketogenic diet
  • It is packed with abundant tips of making the transition process simple and easy
  • All the shopping list, recipes and specific meal plans that are to be implemented in the ketogenic lifestyle

The time ketosis happens in your body and the number of accumulated ketone bodies in your blood varies from person to person.

This greatly depends on some factors like the resting metabolic rate and the fat percentage available in your body.

Overview of what's inside?

Why should be it 28 days?

Biologically, new habits are formed in a matter of 3 weeks. The 28-Day Keto Challenge has therefore been designed to give you every transitional success.

When the 28 days come to an end, you will know what to do and how to do it. Through the stressful circumstances, you will have ideas of the things to do during the Keto challenge.

The ketogenic diet eliminates most of the carbs in a meal. By doing so, it puts the body in a ketosis state making it convert the body fat to energy which is in turn used by the body.

An overview of the 28-day Keto challenge include:

  • The basics of the Keto Diet
  • Eating on the Keto Meal Plan
  • Tips for Curbing Cravings
  • Tips for successful intermittent fasting
  • Dealing with the social pressures of keto and friends
  • Beating the keto flu in a healthy way
  • Tips for Staying in Ketosis
  • The macros and micros Nutrients of the Keto diet
  • Overcoming the transitioning side effects

Your body is deprived of glucose, which acts as the main source of energy usually obtained from consuming carbohydrates.

An alternative to this is the ketones that are usually produced from fats. The brain needs glucose in constant supply, approximately 120 grams per day, as it does not store glucose.

When fasting, or when the body is exposed to very minimal carbohydrate, it first utilizes the glucose stored in the liver, then provisionally breaks down the muscle to release any available glucose.

If the fasting of low carb intake continues for around three days, and the stored glucose becomes depleted, the hormonal levels of insulin decreases and the body now begins using fat as the primary fuel.

The liver, in turn, produces some ketone bodies from the fat, which is then used when all the glucose has been depleted. The ketone bodies are accumulated in the blood, thus the name of the process ketosis.

For healthy individuals, mild side effects of ketosis are likely to be experienced during this low carb intake program.

Medics, however, advise that it is dangerous for the ketones in the blood to reach harmful levels as this may result in a hazardous condition known as ketoacidosis.

When the vital condition occurs, the brain will rely on the ketones for fuel. For healthy individuals, enough insulin will be produced hence preventing the formation of the excess ketones.

How Does It Work? Is it a Scam?

Seemingly, the 28-day Keto challenge is in everyone’s lips. With the millions of people talking about its benefits, it almost sounds exciting for anyone to jump into it and go through the challenge.

However, even before you begin on this diet plan, it is always wise to weigh its cons and pros and know if it will meet your needs.

Also, consult your doctor and let them explain to you if the plan is right for you. Once this is done and you are contented with what you have found, then you can also be a beneficiary of the program.

It is worth noting that the 28-day Keto challenge works. It is not a scam. Statistics from the world’s nutrition desk has shown that 96% of those who opt for the trial have always gained positive results.

This means that for the 4%, which is averagely a small part, missed something on the meal plan, did not follow it to the fullest, or mixed the diet plan with their regular dietary.

If the challenge is followed to the latter, the fruits are achievable. You will be able to achieve weight loss and also maintain your weight for the longest time that you can remember


The following are the advantages of the 28-day keto challenge meal plan:

  • Guarantees weight loss – When you are on the ketogenic diets, carbohydrates are restricted, and your body begins to burn fat and converts it to energy. Fat is therefore lost quickly hence leading to loss of weight.
  • It may reduce the risk of getting cancer – scientific studies have proved that there is a link between cancer prevention and diets having very low carbs. This is however, still under investigation. If the findings are accurate, then this meal plan will be a simple yet effective way of escaping cancer syndrome.
  • The diet also helps during the long periods spent in front of your computer or at your desk. This is because, at such moments, your body does not need too many carbs. It could, therefore, work when on a low carb diet.
  • Improves cognitive functioning – This diet positively affects the functionality of the brain. Due to its high-fat content, it reduces inflammation that triggers any nerve pain present in the brain. Studies also claim that the meal plan reduces symptoms of hindering neurological diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Further research has even proved that ketones improve the healing of brain injuries.
  • Reduces inflammations from high blood sugar – The diet lowers insulin levels, which in turn prevents it from causing various health complications. The diet also reduces the body’s sensitivity to the presence of insulin making it easy for the body to process carbs effectively.
  • Helps reduce sugar addiction – Following the keto diet plan makes it easy to fight off sugar cravings. This is because each keto meal satisfies all your cravings. The diet restricts the intake of carbs to 25g per day. You will, therefore, have to cut your sugar level intake to almost no-sugar-intake.
  • May increase fertility in women – Keto dieters have reported that the meal plan seems to deal with some underlying fertility issues. This eating plan affects the insulin levels and cuts off weight thus reducing the hormonal effects of the polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Does 28-Day Keto Challenge Work?

Once an overview of the program has been held up high, it becomes easy to conclude that the diet works, and it will, therefore, work for you.

Even when it is followed for a short period, it will help you deal with weight loss and still guarantee you of other probable health benefits.


The 28-Day Keto Challenge will take you through the tough transitioning parts into a new diet. It will surely make it clear for you on an easy-to-follow schedule.

The program has already done everything for you. With the keto challenge, be sure to successfully switch into the new ketogenic diet and be able to continue with it.

You will then see the results soon after the 28 days are over. The findings come naturally. Amazingly, you will be allowed to try this out today for two months with the 60-Day Money-Back guarantee.

28-Day Keto Challenge Download PDF

What are you still waiting for? Do not waste any more time! Try out the 28-day Keto challenge and be among the millions giving back positive ratings and testimonials about the meal plan. It is a wise decision to make.

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